Sri Ravi Shankar urges peace in Pak-India region


Pakistan is an ideal country for visiting as there is no threat of terrorism. This was stated on Tuesday by Indian spiritual leader and yoga guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who arrived in Pakistan on a three-day peace mission.
Sri Shakar, who is founder of the ‘Art of Living’ organisation, inaugurated the Art of Living Peace centre in the Lukhawal Banigala village near the Rawal Dam.
Popularly known among his followers as Guru Jee, Sri Shakar said before crossing the border, he was asked by an Indian official to cancel his visit to Pakistan due to the serious law and order situation. “I’m feeling free and secure. There is no threat here-no suicide bombing,” he said.
The spiritual mentor is on his second visit to Pakistan after 2004.
He said he was surrounded by security officials for the entire duration of his first visit and could not interact with the public at large. He added that the situation had changed for the better. “I spent a busy day in Lahore holding talks. Today I visited a college where I interacted with more than 800 students,” Gure Jee said.
He said Pakistan needed to focus on promoting its tourism industry as that would also boost its economy.
He stated that the people associated with the Art of Living organisation are volunteers who want to promote harmony among the people of India and Pakistan. In response to a query, he said there are people, on both sides of the border, who wanted to take the society hostage for their vested interests. He added that he was also ready to hold talks with the Taliban for peace.
“I am aware that without resolving the core issues between New Dehli and Islamabad, talks would not be very affective. However, we are doing whatever we can do to bring the people of both the countries closer,” he said. He urged the people to stay positive as that was the solution to many problems.


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