Mullahs and Americans also get into the act


With the Jamia Binoria Aalmia slamming the high court decision of sending Rinkle Kumari (now Faryal Bibi) to a shelter home, the forced conversion case is gathering international support as US Congressman Brad Sherman on Tuesday wrote a letter to President Asif Ali Zardari, asking him take all necessary steps to bring an end to the harassment of Hindus in Sindh.
Expressing displeasure over the decision of Sindh High Court (SHC) to lodge the Hindu girl at the Pannah Shelter Home and produce her before the Supreme Court on March 26, the religious seminary’s chancellor, Mufti Muhammad Naeem, termed the decision as “politically motivated” and demanded that the now Muslim girl should be allowed to live with her husband, Naveed Shah.
In a statement issued on Tuesday, Naeem condemned the slogans chanted by Hindus outside the SHC, claiming it was an effort to cause anger among the Muslims. “We will continue to support our newly-converted Muslim brothers and sisters but if west-supported, so-called non-governmental organisations, nationalists or anyone else uses tricks to divert newly-converted Muslims and support Hindus, we can go at any level,” the cleric warned.
Quoting some newspapers, he alleged that the SHC judge [Justice Anwar Zaher Bajwa] belongs to the ruling Pakistan People’s Party and issued the “political order” on the wishes of the party leadership.
Appreciating the notice taken by Supreme Court, he demanded that the apex court fulfil the requirements of justice.
Kumari, a young Hindu girl from the small town of Mirpur Mathelo in southern Sindh district of Ghotki, went missing and emerged a few days later, accompanied by a Muslim man, surrounded by a large number of supporters of Pir of Bharchoondi. She announced that she had embraced Islam and married Shah.
The Hindus took to the streets against the “kidnapping” of Kumari while the Sindh nationalists, liberal Sindhi Muslims and civil society and human right activists joined them in their protests, demanding that the girl be handed over to her family.
Meanwhile, the echoes of the protest have reached the US congress and Sherman in a written letter to President Zardari, expressed grave concerns over the increasing harassment cases against Sindhi Hindus and urged him to take necessary steps to ensure the safety of Hindus in Sindh and also the safe recovery of Kumari.


  1. HSC discovered the ear device in Rinkle's ear which was hidden in the burka or dupata and ordered to remove this.Why peoples can not understand this is a clear case of abduction.Girls's every statement has been dictated by the ear device, what ever she spoke.These criminals might put this device again in the rinkle's ear to control her in shelter home.Please save the poor girl…………..

  2. Hindus need International support more than ever before. Its only the pressure from top that is going to work

    • First learn to treat your own decently.You must be a 'shuder'.Yes you are being mistreated in 21st century by your own Hindu brothers.This caste system is your curse.Correct it.Also learn to treat non muslims like civilized people.

      • dear,
        cast system is not as,as you know…..first of all you all become MUSLIM then
        raise fingers against HINDU religion…Muslims their self dont know that what they are……Shia,sunny,Dioband ,barelvi ….which one is real muslim????????All groups even abuse each other…

  3. Pakistan ban’ny k bad hmary wo 70 lakh hindu sindhi sindh se nikaly gae jinhuny mazi me sindh ko boht achi tarh sanbhal k rakha tha dushmanu ki nazar se aur unky mustakbil me islam qabul krna nazar aa rha tha magr pakistani zalimu ne unhen sindh se chen lea aur sindh me apni marzi k logun ko rehne k lea laya gya ex . Panjabi pathan bl0ch nd muhajir aur ab bi un hinduwon ko sindh me sakun se nai rehny dy raha ye pakistan…!

    • Dear Sindhu…dont loose the hope.
      ye sindhi hamari thi hai or rahy gi……..Hum Sindh ko nahi chor sakty..

  4. The most reliable way of converting a Hindu girl to Islam is her being raped by a Muslim. The girl with the stigma has to accept the rapist as her husband. The girl, thus becoming Muslim, loses the relation and social attachment with the parents. That is why it is a great agony of Hindu parents to have their daughter converted to Muslim. In Pakistan, every thing is Islamic. The supreme court has said nothing about the crime and the penalty of the abductor of the Hindu girl. India should play an important role to offer humanitarian help to the Hindu victims of Pakistan. In this country, non-Muslims and even Ahammadi Muslims will have to live for ever without human rights.

  5. Ah,
    Faqir of Ippi and the gora sahibs shenanigans all over again….
    history really hasn't moved on.
    for those young colleagues who are at a loss…please Google "Faqir of Ippi"

    (however justice must be done and seen to have been done)

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