Younus Habib is ISI man: Sanaullah


Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that it is a big reality that agencies have been involved in tampering with election results.
Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Sanaullah said no political party could deny this fact that agencies remained involved in torturing people.
“Younus Habib is a perfect front man of ISI,” he said. The provincial law minister called for an end to whatever role agencies had played over the last 60 years.
PML-N did not consider the memo scandal right or wrong, he said, adding the party wanted to know the real facts only.


  1. If they were that bad why did Mian Sahib take their money? Why is Mian sahib sh—-ing bricks?

  2. That still does not answer the question that nawaz took the money or not. Just because he may (or may not) be the front man, does not tell us wether nawaz sold out for a few ruppees or not. I think he did. If he did not, then they should be going to court for defamation charges and he should state under oath that he did not take the money. After that we can let the court decide on evidence what true and whats not.

  3. nawaz sharif said that Yonus Habib was Zardari,s man. Now Sanaullah says the he is ISI man. Can PML(N) should make up their mind what position they want to take. Sanaullah make a point that ISI has been tapering with political system by bribing politicians. Well one can buy some one only if some is ready to be sold. Did Yonus put money in politician mouth or elsewhere by force?

  4. He is wearing suit and tie (possibly has a ball point pen in his pocket). He is a law minister. He is talking about "REAL FACT". "UNREAL"?

  5. younus habib certainly has zardari backing. afterall chacha ji of zardari & nw nobody is talking abt zardari – gillani corruption & mqm is innocent hahaha

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