PM Gilani sets the ball rolling on Mirpur development projects


Prime Minister (PM) Yusuf Raza Gilani Monday announced the decision of constructing an airport for Mirpur, saying that it would prove to be a milestone for the development of the area and the residents. Addressing a public gathering, PM Gilani asked the government to allocate funds for the mega project. Gilani vowed to follow the vision given by the two martyrs of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and said it would work to protect all wings of the party that had been striving to preserve the party ideology.
Gilani, who had earlier inaugurated a number of mega development projects worth over Rs7 billion, said it would usher in an era of development and progress in the area. He said the Mirpur University of Sciences and Technology (MUST), Benazir Medical College and the bridge across the Mangla Reservoir would go a long way in improving the living standards of the people of Pakistan. Gilani iterated that the Mangla Dam raising project would be crucial in helping the country meet its urgent energy needs. He announced a university for Information Technology in Mirpur and said the federal government would provide the funds for the campus, and asked the Azad Kashmir government to provide the land for the project. PM lauded the role of media and announced Rs 10 million for the Mirpur Press Club. He also directed an end to unscheduled power outages so as to ease the problems of the citizens. He also announced the shifting of Radio Tarar Khal from Rawalpindi to Azad Kashmir.


  1. After screwing rest of the country, the evil hands are at work in Azad Kashmir. You start smelling trouble when this PIR DruG Lord from Multan makes such statements.God Help AZ now.

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