Standard Chartered’s quest for social welfare


Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) has invested over Rs264 million in social welfare and community development projects under its Community Investment programme since 2000. According to the recent Sustainability Review 2011, the bank has invested Rs149 million on health, Rs40 million on education and Rs75 million on disaster response. The bank’s official estimates suggest that the SCB has improved the lives of some 11.5 million people by providing them quality healthcare services and some 3,000 students have been provided scholarships; while over 100,000 people had been provided basic facilities under the disaster response programme of the Standard Chartered Bank.
Sustainability Review Report shows that on the one hand, the professional team of the SCB is doing a marvellous job on financial front, while on the other hand, these employees have donated over 5,000 days for community development related activities. They have planted over 15,000 trees, helped 7,000 people, cleaned 60,000 square feet of area, removed garbage of 70 tons and screened 300 children for eye impairments. The report indicated that through the bank’s efforts contract blindness had been reduced by 20 per cent in Pakistan.