This is with regards to the article “Lawn-ing with the most favoured neighbour” published on Monday, 05/03/2012. The fact that the writer linked up the MFN debate with lawn exhibitions makes the article an entertaining read. And the way the writer showcased our mentality, as to how we customarily go head over heels over all things Indian, but still scrutinise everything coming from the East is another important case in point over the entire debate. No one has pointed this out in the entire MFN debate. It is funny, if nothing else, that it’s the textile industry that has been whining the most, while lawn brands use Bollywood actresses to endorse their brands. We need to come out of our prejudice against India and think about the long term future of our country. India is zooming ahead of us economically, and we would need to cooperate with them if we don’t want ourselves to lack further behind. The MFN debate has been blown out of proportion by the industrialists who realise that our products can not stand shoulder to shoulder with their Indian counterparts. It’s better to face competition – no matter how still it might be – than to run away from it.