More on HEC rankings


Senior faculty members of the Institute of Business Management (IBM) have rejected the recent ranking released by Higher Education Commission (HEC). They believe that HEC has ignored or misinterpreted data submitted by the institute. Crucial data on teaching, research and quality assurance was not incorporated. It is more distressful to note that IBM which has always enjoyed reputation as one of the top tier business schools evidenced by its quality of intake, faculty and placement of graduates, was ranked so low.

Mistakes made by HEC are also obvious from the press, protests by other universities and articles appearing in the press by individuals supporting the fact of unfair ranking.

IBM faculty members have demanded that HEC revisit the data and also implement those shortcomings as mentioned by Chairman HEC himself in the press recently.

Faculty members strongly feel that once the data is carefully scrutinised IBM will be one of the top business schools of Pakistan. Ed Universal, Paris, in its rankings of the world’s business schools, has already ranked IBM as one of the best business schools of the region.