White Lies


The lifestyle of the rich and famous has reached new extravagant heights this wedding season. A high profile bride, daughter of a VVIP, was in such high spirits and proud of the expensive gems and jewels she was wearing that she actually boasted to friends. “I am wearing a Toyota corolla in each ear and a Honda civic on my neck.” Now that is an original way of evaluating your fashion sense.

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Some women have their own way of celebrating International Women’s Day. We hear that one beauty salon in Lahore reported a huge theft carried out by a woman that very day. Apparently this popular make-over place was patronised that day by a few NICOPs, one of them carrying a huge amount of foreign cash and two high end cell phones. We hear that her bag was swept clean and the VVIP’s wife who brought her to the parlour was most embarrassed. Police was called in and cctv footage was being examined but it does seem the thief has got away with it, for now at least.

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Some public reps have a strange way of disappearing when found with their hands in the till, metaphorically speaking and then promptly resurfacing when another opportunity presents itself. MP Laila Muqadas, elected on a PML(N) ticket on a reserved seat for women had not been seen in public ever since she made the wrong career move by bad mouthing PML(N) at a press conference, flanked by PPP’s Qasim Zia. That was just after Governor Rule had been imposed in Punjab. Unfortunately for her, N-League was back in harness a few weeks later.

The lady was in disgrace and had not made a single visit to parliament since. Surprise, come Senate election she was back on duty, casting her vote for PPP this time.


  1. what a shame.
    Hondas and Corollas…!
    or why not liters of blood sucked from the poor of Pakistan.

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