Manhandle this!


It was so humiliating to see Waheeda Shah acting like an immature kid and her behaviour was caught by the national media. Being a member of the political group which is the current government of Pakistan, Waheeda Shah has brought disgrace upon herself as well as the PPP.

I don’t understand that why such people who seem to be literate act in such a vile manner not only in public but also when they know that they are surrounded by media and cameras! Slapping a polling staff member is an extreme way to deal with a situation.

These people are public representatives and must learn to control themselves, if not in their private live then at least in the public domain. Because of her irresponsible actions, the ECP commission has banned Waheeda Shah from contesting local body, Senate, national or any elections for two years. In my opinion, she should be banned for a longer period as a lesson for everyone else to think twice before they let their anger overcome them.