A slap for a slap?


After seeing the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan on the basis of majority, all my sympathies are with Ms Waheeda Shah for the simple reason that the Commission has done justice to her perhaps as is done in Punjabi movies. Unfortunately, it is very dangerous trend introduced in our country that justice is being done on the basis of reports and comments appearing in the electronic media.

Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has rightly said: “An offender could not be expected to be penalised twice for a single offence.” No doubt, Ms Shah had committed a grave mistake by slapping a lady official of the Election Commission but she had already tendered her apology and the affected lady had also forgiven her. Furthermore, Ms Shah has already faced the wrath of our irresponsible and aggressive electronic media for many days that broadcast the act repeatedly, sensationalising it to the t.

In the general elections in our country such things are common and are dealt with accordingly but now we have to see during the next general elections, would the Commission deal similar type of cases in the same style or not? We all believe in the freedom of the media but it is disturbing to see that bodies like the Election Commission are so susceptible to one-sided media coverage.