Saving Face


It is really an honour that Sharmeen Chinoy is the first Pakistani lady who was nominated for the Oscar Award and Pakistan is surely proud of her as she brightened Pakistan’s name internationally whereas none brought the Oscar Award in the history of Pakistan before.
Doubtless, Sharmeen Chinoy made a good documentary and highlighted an issue in Pakistani society in which women are attacked and their faces are burnt with acid. Obviously the topic Chinoy chose for her documentary was a matter of concern but can anybody tell me how many incidents of acid attacks take place in Pakistan? These types of incidents are very few and most of the incidents normally occur within families and there are definitely family matters usually behind these incidents.
I don’t say that I am against Sharmeen Chinoy or her documentary but she made documentary on the topic that America and other liberal countries appreciate. She made documentary on the faces of women that are burnt with acid but why she did not make a documentary on the faces of those children, women and older people whose faces are burnt and due to drone attacks.
I surely guarantee that if Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy had made a documentary on this issue, neither had she received an Oscar Award and nor would her documentary have been included in the event.
It is crucial to bring improvement to the law enforcement agencies and train police so that the society could be saved from these types of issues.