Modernity for us?


The prediction that we, the citizens of this country, may have to face challenges of gas shortages in the future along with a number of other elemental commodities may not be something new, but is enough to suck some life out of our already debilitated bodies. This just proves that with the passage of each day and an increase in population, this earth is closing up on us all its resources and blessings while the rest of the world enjoys the delicious flavour of modernity.
This calls out the need to analyse our condition and the path that we are treading upon with such dangerous speed. All expectations that the people had attached so fondly with a democratic setup in Pakistan have reached to the inevitable conclusion that this too will not work. Meanings have been distorted to such an extent that governance in Pakistan is not what governance would be decoded as in any western country.
Why cannot we also taste the flavour of progress? Is it that it won’t taste as good for us as it does for others? Why do we have to face crisis after crisis? Why is it that our rulers predict for us only shortages and scarcities? Why should our people be deprived of what nature bestows upon them in clear abundance? Why should our country come to the verge of being split up because of the miserable incompetence of a few? Why have they banned for us a modern existence? Is there somebody responsible enough to answer these questions?