Dr Paul Bhatti felicitates Hindu community on Holi


Adviser to Prime Minister for National Harmony Dr Paul Bhatti here on Thursday felicitated the Hindu community on their festival of colours – Holi that welcomes spring.
“Holi brings joy, festivity, freedom, love, respect and happiness for all sections of the society and promotes celebration among all communities,” he added.
The democratic government celebrates all the major festivals of minorities officially throughout the year to follow the true ethical values, Dr. Paul Bhatti said, adding “On this occasion, government stands committed to ensure equal rights for all minority communities as enshrined in Constitution of Pakistan.”
Holi is celebrated in the areas of Hindu Majority while in Pakistan the Hindu minority also celebrates this with play of colours in their communities and also burn logs of wood to symbolize victory of good over evil and observe Holi Pooja.
Dr. Paul said, “The festival of colours will bring joy, happiness and prosperity to the people of our country and strengthen our resolve to follow true ethical values in our lives. May the noble ideals of the festival usher in peace, prosperity and happiness in our lives.”
He said it is a festival in which all communities rejoice in amity and friendship and celebrate the solidarity of the nation.
He reiterated the commitment to respect and uphold the UN resolution calling for interfaith harmony and the pledges made by the government to safeguard the rights of all minorities.
Dr. Paul Bhatti said minorities in Pakistan have suffered a lot following unrest, terrorism and poverty in the country and their condition can be improved by promoting their rights, ensuring life safety, imparting education, providing legal support, security, real protection of the freedom and rights of citizenship through interfaith harmony dialogue.
“All this will be possible if democratic institutions are stabilized in Pakistan leading to create a society where peace,religious freedom, civil co-existence and human dignity are respected”, he added.
The decision to celebrate minorities’s festivals officially reflects the commitment of the government to social uplift, economic empowerment and removal of discriminatory actions against the minorities, he said.
The Adviser said that interfaith harmony is government’s top priority in the efforts to promote friendly relations between the Muslims and non-Muslims in the country. Minorities have rendered valuable services in creation of Pakistan and development in different fields including defence, education, health and social welfare, he added.


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