Corruption is eating us inside out


The rampant corruption is an indicator of moral degradation and cause of great concern for the public. It has been institutionalised over the years and has become a great menace and threat to the existence of our society.
It has generated many evils and a downward trend in the national economy. The Transparency International and other financial organisations ratings are alarming. We must propagate no tolerance policy towards corruption of all sorts as a nation. We must resolve to end it with iron will.
Scandals, financial and monetary, must be thoroughly probed and investigated and the culprits punished according to the dictates of law. We must make conscious and concerted efforts to uproot this evil. The decadent prevalent system must yield to a new, dynamic and progressive system.
Safe havens for criminals must be destroyed. We cannot afford to take a lenient view of this dire situation. Structural changes are needed for an efficient and user-friendly system. Dreams must come true.