PPP looses credibility: Nawaz


President of PML(N) Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has once again asked the government to hold general elections as soon as possible as the rulers have lost every explanation to be in power.
He was talking to the media at airport here on Wednesday before his departure to London. He said that to meet the challenges faced by the country, new mandate has become imperative. PML(N) can change the destiny of the country by using peoples’ power.
He said that only fresh polls could drag out the country out of disappointment and ambiguity from the country.
Responding a question he said that due to failure in every field, PPP was reluctant to face the people as they have nothing at their credit. He said that nobody was deceiving PML(N) but soon Peoples Party would see that the nation would reject them.
“The track record of PML(N) is evident that PML(N) never preferred personal gains on national interest”, the former Prime Minister added.
He said that the stove of poor man had been laying off . The dearness and unemployment reached at peak but the rulers claim that they have backing of public. It is very sad that those who snatched the last loaf of bread from the mouth of poor are not feeling shame on their black deeds.
He recalled that during the tenure of PML(N) , the country was way forward from India but it has now lingering far behind in the entire region.
He directed the party workers to get themselves prepared for the general elections in the country.


  1. How much tax does Nawaz Sharif pay to her majestys kingdom and how much does he pay the government of this poor country??

  2. This idiot is a 'munafiq' who always has followed a policy of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.

  3. Sindh will also experience inqilab like Punjab: Nawaz addresses in Qazi Ahmed, Sindh. I think the daily protests by health workers, doctors, students, wrong results, admit card issue, police incident of sialkot and other etc etc. was of Indian Punjab.

  4. Check out your headline PT! What is happening to your quality? Such a huge English mistake and that too in the headline. Really disappointing.

  5. from friendly opposition to go zardari go zardari and now he says ppp losing credibility, he is right because ppp got only 41 seats in senate

  6. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

    Humpty Dumpty had agreat fall

    All the king's horses and all the king's men

    Could'nt put humpty dumpty together again.

  7. Instead of claims of piety and rectitude , Nawaz and other polticians should publically and without mincing words acknowledge their wrong-doings . This will be appreciated more by the people than unjustified , disgusting self- adulation . The
    media have changed the awareness level of the masses —- a real revolutin in the country . Politicians like Nawaz or Zardari who don't learn to cope with this revolution will
    be swept into the dustbin of history . Inshaullah !

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