Meera deserves Pride of Performance for deceiving Naveed: father


According to sources Naveed Shahzad’s parents have broken their son Naveed Shahazad’s engagement with Meera. Naveed’s father Khalid Pervaiz said Meera was already married and that the case for its dissolution was pending in the Pakistan Marriage Court. He added that Meera had cheated them and lied about her previous marriage, saying that her marriage with Attiq-ur-Rehman had ended. According to reports, the rings exchanged for the engagement ceremony had also been returned. Pervaiz had ealier alleged that Meera took 0.4 million dollars from him in exchange for a house in Lahore. He also said the wrist-watch theft incident was a contrived effort on Meera’s part to attract attention. Pervaiz said he would not allow his son to marry a woman who was already married. Calling her a cheat and a fraud, Khalid said Meera deserved to get a Pride of Performance Award for cleverly deceiving his son.


  1. khalid parveez true picture
    DA: Victim Was Forced to Work

    Published: October 19, 2000 8:00 PM
    By Michael Luo. STAFF WRITER

    In an unusual case of alleged kidnaping, a Pakistani

    restaurant owner from Brentwood has been arrested and charged with holding one

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  2. khalid parveez eye on meeras property father and son got blind after meeras house meera s condition was marriage so khalid went to meeras house for perposal and then media opend the news so attiq ur rehman filed a case against meera so khalid parveez backed off from meera .
    sheba was naveeds and khalid parveez first victum.
    jehanzeb khan is khalid parveez new sheep on its way for slaughtering.

  3. Naveed parveez son of Khalid parveez first tried to get shebas house and now Naveeds father wanted meeras house but Meera got lucky he showed his intensions he wanted meers house by showing the check he gave to meera to the media.
    Attiq ur rehman should file a case against naveed parveez and khalid parveez and so should Meera against khalid parveez for damging her reputation in usa since both received political asylem in usa fraudulently by giving fake documentaion to us govt with the help of his friend DIG SUKHAR Zulifqar ali.

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