‘Dengue fever awareness drive in schools soon’


The administration of the city decided Tuesday to despatch a pro forma to every school soon in order to raise dengue fever awareness among students. In a meeting, Karachi Commissioner Roshan Ali Shaikh said the exercise focuses on the prevention of the disease. “This is to avert any epidemic like situation that was experienced in Lahore last season,” the commissioner added.
“We have to adopt strong preventive measures in the larger interest of the masses,” he said.
The commissioner said the ailment, which might cause many casualties, can easily be controlled through proper management and with the active involvement of citizens. “We must involve citizens in the stipulated preventive measures,” said Shaikh. He directed that people must be motivated to apply anti mosquito repellent and their clothes must cover their arms and legs. The meeting was attended by Additional Secretary for Health Dr Suresh Kumar, ADCM Yousuf Abbasi, Dr Mukhtar A Palijo, Dr Shakil A Malik, Qamar Shaikh, M.Shafiq ur Rehman, Dr Aslam Pervez, Mohammad Rais, Shamoon Sadaf, M Sadiq Shaikh and M Iftikhar Gul.