Waheeda Shah slapping becomes vogue


A ‘fake’ magistrate allegedly beat up a cyclist in broad daylight on the Jail Road while people looked on Tuesday. Apparently, the Waheeda Shah slapping formula has become a new vogue in town as a man in his 30s, who claimed to be a magistrate, repeatedly slapped a poor cyclist as his bike who had bumped into his car lightly. The ‘magistrate’ was on a white Corolla numbered LEC-7897 and was waiting for the green signal on Jail Road Underpass signal when a cyclist bumped into his car, causing hardly any damage. The ‘magistrate’ came out of his car and started slapping and cursing the cyclist. The traffic wardens on the location did not interfere either. After holding the traffic for about 20 minutes, the ‘magistrate’ went back to his car, waved a metal road at the cyclist, and warned him of dire consequences.