Still no news on Mcbride’s death


No case has been registered regarding the mysterious death of Scottish national Paul Mcbride at a local hotel on Sunday since nobody had lodged a formal complaint to the police authorities, well-placed sources in Lahore Police told Pakistan Today.
Sources said no case could be registered without a formal complaint while nobody from the embassy or the heirs of the deceased had contacted the police. Recordings of the CCTV cameras installed in the lobby of seventh floor have shown Paul Mcbride entering the room alone at 9:48pm and the room was locked and chained from the inside which means nobody entered it.
The investigators said the body of the deceased did not bear any signs of torture either. “The autopsy report and later the chemical examination report will reveal the real cause behind the death of the deceased,” a senior investigator said.
The police officers said they had to wait for the flight to be booked to Scotland before the autopsy since after the autopsy the body could not be preserved. The body will be taken to Islamabad first. Investigations SP Faisal Gulzar said the embassy had already directed the Lahore Police to hand the body over to the deceased’s friends, Naveed and Amir.


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