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Baloch singer gets financial assistance

Balochistan Government provided a financial assistance of Rs 5,00,000 to famous Baloch singer Bashir Baloch on Monday.
Bashir Baloch was reportedly selling his awards earlier for his livelihood, as there was no way of earning for him at this stage of life.
Communication Minister Ali Madad Jatak presented the cheque to the singer and promised to provide house construction cost and a monthly stipend to him.
Jatak said that Bashir Baloch had presented the country at many events and won several awards worldly.
With tearful eyes, Bashir Baloch said,” My self-esteem doesn’t allow me to beg and there is no other way of earning for me now. That’s why I decided to sell my awards for my livelihood”.
He moreover thanked the government and the media for the assistance provided to him.

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  1. amin said:

    that was the best way l m so happy for bashirjan,khuda poshto panahi,and all other balochi singer they are the hero of balochistan

  2. MHII said:

    That's great. Thanks to the Baluchistan Govt. His news came on the TV and i felt very sad about it. Our ex-singers are in dire need of some financial assistance programme from the federal Govt. I hope they will look into this matter. Our legendary singer Alamgir also need assistance. I will appeal to media to take up this issue as well..

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