The journey from Hilal Road to Raiwind


Marvi Memon’s entry into the PML-N has created ripples in the political circles of the country, with analysts and politicians wondering how the pro-Musharraf Marvi would get along with Musharraf-haters, as many N leaguers have been jailed and tortured during the nine-year reign of the former president. However, some politicians opine that Marvi would not stay in the PML-N for long, while some say the young politician’s objective would be to try and bridge differences between Pervez Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif. Prior to starting her political career from the PML-Q, Marvi had joined the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), situated on Hilal Road in Rawalpindi, as one of the directors of media monitoring and analysis wing. She served the ISPR from year 2004 to year 2007.
A PML-Q leader told Pakistan Today that Marvi and Pervez Musharraf were old friends and she had been introduced to the general by Musharraf’s cousin, Adnan Asad, when the latter was serving as corps commander Mangla. “When General Musharraf was elevated as chief of army staff (COAS), Marvi remained in touch with him and finally in year 2004, she was appointed in the ISPR,” the PML-Q leader said. The ambitious Marvi had a tendency of bypassing her bosses and reporting directly to the president due to her personal equation with the general. After a dispute with ISPR Director General Major General Shaukat Sultan in year 2007, Marvi was shipped into the PML-Q and soon got media focus due to hard work, dedication and commitment towards the projection of her party’s image. She was elected as MNA on a reserve seat for women from Punjab, despite the fact that she hailed from Sindh.
As member of the National Assembly, Marvi worked hard and produced numerous bills as a private member on different social issues, especially women’s rights. However, even after exit of General Musharraf from presidency, Marvi remained in constant touch with him and used to call him as ‘president’ like APML leaders.
Marvi was a stanch critic of the PPP-led coalition government and came up with two white papers on the government’s corrupt practices in year 2009 and 2010. She also joined various sit-ins held against the governments in across the country.
However, the tilt of PML-Q leadership towards the PPP irked Marvi Memon and finally she defied the party leadership’s decision and sought seat allocation on opposition benches when her party joined the coalition government last year.
Nausheen Saeed, Marvi’s colleague, suspects why all pro-Musharraf women of the PML-Q were joining the PML-N.
“I wonder why Musharraf loyalists like Marvi Memon and Sumaira Malik are joining the PML-N, which is being run by Musharraf-hater Nawaz Sharif. Soon Nawaz Sharif would realise his mistake,” she added.
Nausheen Saeed said according to media reports, Marvi had grabbed millions of rupees from General Musharraf and Chaudhry Shujaat for party’s campaign in Gilgit-Baltistan elections.
“But when Chaudhry Shujaat came to know that all posters of the PML were bearing photos of General Musharraf, he got annoyed and snubbed Marvi,” she claimed.
In year 2011, Marvi resigned as MNA in protest against the passage of the budget. She added that current government was working against the people and the PML-Q leaders did not live up to the expectations of their voters by leaving the opposition and joining the government.
Since then, Marvi kept silence through reports were rife that she wanted to join the PTI and sought the secretary information’s slot, but was denied by Imran Khan. Meanwhile, Khwaja Saad Rafique of the PML-N worked to convince her to join the anti-Musharraf and anti-establishment PML-N.
Per Marvi’s website, she has recently launched a movement for rights and galvanising Pakistanis to reject old politics and embrace clean politics that leads Pakistan into a developed respectable member of the comity of nations.
However, it is a question mark how Nawaz is a clean and new politician and how Marvi would cope with a party which has a close nexus with religious extremists, fanatics and has leadership with an autocratic mindset.


  1. Reads like poetry. Another young dynamic politican trades hope of this nation for the dirty political reality of this country. We all are responsible

  2. She has done opposite to what she said all the way. With Nawaz & Co league she has dishearten supporters big time. The move could benefit herself but not public. Shame on those who do things for menial gains.

  3. Marvi memon would join #PPP in 2013 and would praise Zardari. Why she is using fake sloggans of change if she like Nawaz Sharif whos has all his money abroad.??? Why she praise Nawaz Sharif who she herself used to say is doing Noora Kushty with PPP. I can only say its unfortunate. And we should not abuse and use bad words against her but only ask questions to her.

  4. What TALAT SAID ABOUT MARVI ………Ms Marvi Memon's joining the Pakistan Muslim League N is the new marvel of Pakistani politics. The lady has been a motivational maverick for many in Pakistan who has often moved like a whirlwind across the country espousing obscure causes and grabbing headlines. But her hooking up with the PML-N is a come down from where her fans might have placed her. This is one party that she had been bitterly critical of through out her short but exciting political career. She was the most die hard supporter of General Pervaiz Musharraf and even worked during his tenure as a director of Inter Services Public Relations on a fairly handsome salary package. She later on was given a job at the Board of Investment as a consultant. After Musharraf, whom her father, the former information minister Nisar Memon, still firmly supports, she drifted exceptionally close to the Chaudharies of Gujrat and became their informal spokesperson. She then resigned from the National Assembly and looked set to join the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf on whose platform she was seen waving and cheering crowds in Peshawar and Ghotki. All three of her political associations—Mush, Chaudharies, PTI—have been nightmares for the Nawaz League, the party that has now formally joined. Musharraf launched her, Chaudharies gave her the seat from Islamabad and the prospect of her joining Imran Khan gave her the bargaining chip with other parties. These three elements are something the Nawaz League cannot stand in national politics: Mr Sharif wants General Musharraf to be tried for treason; expects the Chaudharies to apologize to the nation and to him for backing Musharraf and believes that Imran Khan is the establishment's trojan horse deputed to bring his kingdom down. How would Ms Marvi now adjust to N's line on her previous three political stop-overs is anybody's guess. In theory this would be mixing oil with water. But we know that people like Marvi Memon are magicians. They can create situations to justify every or anything. You now watch her on television speak ardently in favour of Nawaz Sharif. And she will do such a fine job of it that you wont be able to tell that the lady not long ago was on the side of a military man who almost hung her new boss from the highest poll available in the country.

  5. this is the biggest reality of pakistani culture & politics. vast majority of people in pakistan always think abt themselves & their children. i never met such pakistani who is a nationalist & prefers his country to his kids. bt at the same time we always want others to be very straight & righteous. nobody is clean in pakistan even imran khan(begging for plot as he had no home in lhr) most of his party members changed so many parties wts a big deal. if marvi joined PTI then u r right a pro musharaf joined a pro musharaf. nw lets see wt she gets 4m anti musharaf.

    • Tayyaba..IK never 'begged' for the was given to him as a gift of being the man of the match of india series..& it was an application written to Punjab government for records. the second plot he got was when he won the world cup..the whole team got it and they both were donated to Shaukat Khanam.
      He was living in harmony in london and doing commentary but he chose to come to Pakistan, so please do your programs. you would know with true documents shown.


  6. She has done nothing strange. Shifting side to suit personal interests is name of game and a usual practice in Pak politics. Its not only her, but the people accepting her in their ranks are to be equally blamed. She has not sold herself cheap, but in exchange of precious MNA slot from Punjab on women seats. Anyone offering better return?

  7. For heaven sake let us come out of personal leg pullings and indulging in non-issues. None of Pakistan Political Party is working to save country. All are trying to take out his share and enjoy with casual attitude. Kindly just think what are our core issues and how we can pul out ourselves out of these. How we can get rid of our enemies who are not only outside Pakistan but in Pakistan, who are not only non-pakistani but Pakistan, who are not only general public but most beneficiaries. Let us see, watch and mark them to save Pakistan.

  8. Did you notice her remarks that she took only 3 years to understand the politics of establishment while others could not be able to do so even in 30/40 years. We should greet her wisdom.

  9. hhaha… i like her cuz of her shrudeness,,, but such ppl must not be taken by any party! she would have been the smae person had she joined PTI

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