I will be next prime minister, says Imran


PTI Chairman Imran Khan has predicted that there will a revolution in Pakistan sooner than later, and he will become the prime minister after the general elections. In an interview to a British newspaper, the PTI leader said anger against the incumbents was massively mounting, and expressed his great concern at growing missile attacks by the US, amid a continuously down sliding economy. He said despite the fact that all political parties had programmed their turns, yet none would be allowed to take over. To a question regarding his marriage, he regretted that although he had always aspired to marry a Pakistani woman, yet he fell in for Jamima, which ended in a sad divorce, because of his professional preoccupations.
Meanwhile, addressing the Pakistan executive group, Khan said the 20th Amendment was implemented over mutual, personal and vested interests, not for the masses. He also declared the upcoming wave of PTI unstoppable, and declared Pakistani expatriates as a valuable asset of nation, who could play an important part in the forthcoming general elections. He said the expatriates would be the main source and strength of forthcoming revolution, in presence of a successful and conducive democratic system. Khan said only a strong Pakistan would be able to sustain a successful foreign policy. He said Pakistan-India relations could get a boost through successfully resolving core issue of Kashmir and trade between two nations.


  1. @Syed….it is…cuz unlike nawaz and zardari, he is not going to come with some backdoor secret deal and will be a true people’s PM for the first time after ZAB…..

  2. All I hear is slogans and declarations. There are no strategies, no action plans to transform the country. If slogans could do it Pakistan would be the most advanced country in the world today.

    I expect very little but words from the PTI. Imran thinks he's still playing cricket.

  3. How humble he is ! God Bless us all….. Am sure his closest friends….one of the bigger frauds of Lahore….Mr Goldie n Mr. Hafeez U Khan would be so looking forward to his becoming something as am sure they must have already gotten In the pockets of people. iK has always supported them knowing fully well infEct his bro in law also submitted fake export refinance documents and was caught and hence he had to bail him out. Well done khan Sb. There is a adage…."Walk The Talk" by any chance have you heard about it. Mr Goldie s family being associated with Seth abide n co for purpose well known to all……financial defaulters is crime if its willful so even if we pardon him what about the financial mismanagement illegal occupation of land and smuggling of Gold……Hope IK s dictator style of management doest come out of Zaman Park….another self imposed name……You are playing in the right hands of Establishment…… Admit it….. All the best n God have mercy on us.

  4. He is preparing to claim that elections would be rigged…He is not going to get seats to form a government and would claim that elections were rigged against him

  5. Despite all its clout, the Establishment is not powerful to the extent that it can make him Prime Minister. These are cat dreams.

  6. I look forward to, no, I pray for a PTI victory. GOD willing, the PTI will sweep the ballot and consign the PPP and the various PMLs to the gutter.

    The 20th Amendment was joke played on the people of Pakistan and on democracy its self.

  7. yup he was also drinking when he was predicting that pakistan would win the world cup 1992. Very foolish nation you pakistani are, twice each ppp and pmln ruled over u and u still not understaning. why pakistan is the property of PMLN or PPP,? Why no any other have the right to guide and lead pakistan. we support Ik and INSHALLAH he will be the next prime minister………..and this is alo my prediction.

  8. He is with a wild card in his hand. In our country even Allah Dita can also predict to become next Chief Justice of Pakistan.

  9. PTI maniacs – Do you know where is he staying in his London visit? Yes, as usual, at the residence of his JEW monthar-in-law; Lady Goldstone. Of course in the company of his divorcee Jamaema Goldstone. What it is this called, ethically and religiousally.

    • @Beatle, "where he stays in London" …. so what, you bull's head? What others are doing 'ethically' and 'religiously' in the name of 'awam', that you are concerned with Imran Khan? The simple thing is, for overwhelming majority including you people, the "status quo" is the safest bet! But now this status quo thing should go, must go, by whatever means. You understand?

  10. inshallah he will win next elections .Pakistani people knows the reality of both brothers zardari and shareef that they are playing noorakhushti.

  11. Like the bland, flat copycats, if we are to follow the failed (in our land of pure and honey) the so-called parliamentary democracy, then Imran Khan should and must come to power next time, to give us some new taste of governance. Undoubtedly, all others are self-centered and grand failure; and that has been laboratory tested by now!!!!!

  12. We are all waiting for the election day to vote for PTI.This time what ever will be the logic what ever reason other parties will gave. vote of youth is for PTI only that is full and final.. we need a new leader.. if we can give 3-3 chances to lotters then why not one chance to IK???

  13. PLease read the original article in the Guardian… It was actually the author who said Imran khan will be the next PM and not IK himself! The article states :
    "He is certain that "a huge change" is coming to his country. He is certain, too, that a "revolution" is on its way. And even if he does not state it explicitly, he is certain that he will, within eight months to a year, win a landslide victory in elections to become Pakistan's prime minister"

  14. In the picturwe published in “The Guardian” … isn’t he is with the same dog of establishment which we saw on October 12, 1999 in the hands of his godfather Gen. The Mush.

  15. bholay badsha yeh pakistan hai , bara shauq hai prime minister bannay ka pehla koi aik agenda tau soch lo kabhi idhar kabhi udhar

  16. Mr Prime Minister…
    U have completely lost ur mind, u need to get down from the unicorn ure flying on and face reality…i am utterly disgusted with new entries in PTI the so called winning candidates. credit for ur sudden popularity goes to media and few disgruntled members of other political parties who had no choice……the media has already turned its back on u and ur new members will sink u before u enter the general elections…i remember when u said that musharaff will sink with the dead weight of chaudharies and the on coming train that will hit them…

  17. This former playboy is in habit of making tall claims,his mentors are qazi hussain and banned terrorist religious, fanatic organizations,I am not fan of zardari or nawaz but I am afraid if he becomes PM all those who were little kids during zia regime will see worst kind of religious fanaticism and talbanization in Pakistan.This guy is not revolutionary,he is just a fake failed street politician.

  18. i see the usual suspects from PPP and PML want more time to punish the population for voting for them. Any Voter of the PPP and PML is crooked because they are supporting parties that want to destroy the country.
    IK the country needs you!

  19. Well now it is seem to be like Imran khan revolution strategy have got a big sit back because of PPP and pml-n alliance have took place , if imran khan want to bring change then he have to do more then just rallies election can bring big changes and for sure it will , but imran need to be more interaction with people and to present his concept of revolution because its not been such quite clear views on it , it revolution is desired then it need to be from the grass route and imran need to doing that , revolution pakistani people need from a long time but seem to be no one when come in power think of people of pakistan every government agency just think of them self and ultimate loss is of people of pakistan so i guess youth will bring big factor change in election surely it will , new educated generation will come forward not just like my grandfather was in PPP i will also give my vote to PPP but what it gives me that's the real question what it give to the people of Pakistan , things have change now people of Pakistan should also change and not to elect such people who do make up in every election and come with a little modification and again ask for vote , i will suggest to the people of Pakistan not to trust to whom have betray you many times not to give such people vote who are big names but never done any thing for people of Pakistan see in your locality what those they did for all those years , no matter only got chance 1 time or many time , some one who is truely want to some thing for its nation does not need many chances , or makeup . in the end imran should bring its motivation , with more details , to convince people that he really want to bring change not just to get in power .

  20. let's hope this is true…all other parties have been tried and tested!
    this is Pakistan's last chance to recover.

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