‘Horse trading’ took place in Senate elections: Zardari


President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday said ‘horse trading’ took place at the Senate elections in Punjab and investigation
will be conducted against those who switched loyalties The president called PPP worker Aslam Gill on Sunday and regretted at his loss in the Senate elections. Zardari said the party had taken an immediate notice on Gill’s loss and those responsible for this outcome will be investigated. Gill thanked the president for his call and said that he will continue to serve as a senior worker of the party.


  1. Here is an example of where a DOG bites another DOG. then we say that there is democracy in Pakistan

  2. A few days ago, Chaudhry Nisar smilingy said there may be surprise in Punjab. This was it. Sharifs can never give up horse-trading. They have a long history since Changa Manga.

  3. The present system of electing senators should be changed. The senators should be directly elected by the people. This would eliminate horse trading. Ofcourse no political party would introduce such a legislation because it would mean that they lose control over the negotiating the price for their votes for senators.

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