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Purse-snatching on the rise in commercial market

Citizens have expressed grave concern over the rise in purse-snatching incidents in crowded commercial market. This market is located at the centre of city and is bursting with commercial plazas stacked with garments particularly ladies outfits and other accessories. Lack of security system has rendered this market insecure for lady customers as the incidents of purse snatching and mobile snatching have forced them not to go for shopping in this market. “I was on my way to entering into a shop when all of a sudden I was overtaken by a motorcyclist who snatched my purse having 30 thousand rupees and jewelry set and my cheque book.
No police man or warden was there to come to my aid and even not any one among the shopkeepers or customers tried to catch the purse snatcher, said Robina Begum a working lady. “I was trying to cross the road in the market when two persons who were riding a motorcycle turned up and snatched my purse. They made good escape even in the presence of multitude of customers. Purse contained Rs 50,000 which I was to pay to a jewelry shop in connection with dowry ornaments of my daughter, said Khalida, a house wife. Citizens have demanded of the district administration to take action against the purse snatchers by deploying additional police force in Commercial market.

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