No caretaker, ‘chair-taker’ govt to come: PM


Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said on Saturday that no “caretaker” or “chair-taker” government would be put in place in the country, and “Pakistan’s PM is the strongest man at present”.
“He will neither go upward nor downward, and will not go inside or outside,” Gilani said while talking to reporters after attending the inaugural of Air University, Multan Campus as chief guest. “I had already said that the Senate polls would take pace first and then the budget would be presented,” he said. “We are elected representatives and represent the nation,” the prime minister added.
He said that Pakistan’s decision on Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline would be based on its own interests, and the country’s leadership would not succumb to any pressure in this regard. Gilani said Pakistan would build ties with other countries including Iran keeping in view its own interests. He said the country would not budge to foreign pressure as it had an elected government.
Answering a query on the current status of relations with the Unites States, the premier said ties with the US faced ups and downs. In response to a question, he said the demand for Seraiki province was not his, but of the people. “Several conspiracies are being hatched against the Seraiki province,” he said. “Someone says Thal province should be created, another says Bahawalpur province be formed. In fact, the issue of Seraiki province is very vital, as Bahawalpur is part of the Seraiki province,” he added. Gilani said his party would amend the constitution to allow the creation of Seraiki province.
Earlier, while addressing the participants of Air University inaugural ceremony, the prime minister said that universities were “treasures of knowledge”, and modern knowledge could put Pakistan on the road to progress. He said the provincial government had launched a computer awareness campaign, and billions of rupees had been provided to the provinces so that students could benefit from computer technology.
Gilani said the government would not slap restrictions on media, but would rather give more freedom to it. He said the country was passing through an evolutionary phase, and that all institutions would have to work within their ambit. Speaking on the occasion, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman said that Air University, Multan would provide an opportunity to the students of backward areas to seek modern knowledge.


  1. The way he gives statement like he is the Firown of Pakistan..dun worry MR. cant be a tyrant on us for long..IA we have a chance to save Pakistan and our next generation!!

  2. His qualification for his job is that he is a criminal and has spent years in jail. What does that tell us about our nation? We glorify criminals and shower them with high position so that they can continue their criminal activities. Only this time they have the govt. on their side. What a pathetic nation. No wonder Pakistan cannot and will not progress. Everybody wants somebody else to take the bullet for them. Nobody is willing to do anything about changing status quo. Yet everbody will sit and complain about how bad thins are. I don't see much hope for this nation. ppp will win the next election and the nation will blame America but they will not get out and do anything to make a change. How sad.

  3. This Prime Minister must be given kudos of highest order for having successfully braving every single conspiracy against current elected set up. It's not less than a miracle that his govt. is about to complete its full term despite unimaginable hurdles were created on its way by Opposition i.e. PML(N), by ISI led by General Pasha, by Judiciary headed by Ch. Iftikhar Hussain and by media brigade led by Geo TV channel.

    Had anyone been in his place; and so much hue and cry falsely been created against him – I can bet- he would have collapsed. Gilani , as Prime Minister, however, did not. He showed charachter. He faced every single tact of bringing his Govt down or black mailing him steadfastly. Faced mockery unduly hurled on him by media men and stand by envious politicians with forbearance. I congratulate him and President Asif Ali Zardari for scorring a historic win in Senate Elections. In view of the stunning results in by polls I can predict Gilani will once again become Prime Minister and Zardari will be the next President.


  4. How many conscientious-minded Pakistanis believe that Gilani really knows what he is talking about ,much less its implications or complications? His record for about turns is many notches above that of Musharaf, leave aside his boss,Zardari. This class of Machiavellian characters knows no limits in their outbursts until they are taken to task for contempt of court.However they would never know as Musharaf said to Bugti,when they are taken to gallows by Memogate.

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