Extension of quota system


The federal government has hinted to extend quota system in jobs which I think is a right step. No doubt most of areas in the country are still backward in the educational field. For example; the whole of Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan besides rural areas of Sindh, Punjab, KP and Seraiki belt still lack the basic educational facilities. The students of Balochistan, FATA etc cannot compete with the students of Karachi due to unavailability of standardised education there.
It is worth mentioning here that even the Muslims living in united India before migrating to Pakistan, had also demanded introduction of quota system in the Indian Civil Service (ICS) as stated by late Ihtshamul Haq Thanvi, renowned religious scholar many years back.
After the creation of Pakistan, the first Prime Minister late Liaquat Ali Khan had first introduced 20 percent quota system in jobs reserved for Mohajars. Similarly in Sindh, prevailing quota system in jobs was introduced by Rukhman Gul, the then Governor of Sindh.
Those who are against the extension of quota system do not want people of backward areas like Balochistan and other rural areas to progress well. If quota system has not been implemented faithfully so far, we must take steps to ensure its proper implementation rather than abolishing it. Freedom also means to give chance to the backward people for progress.


  1. You have seen the result of quota imposed by sindh assembly and a extension after extension and extension.

    It is like preference of donkey over horses. It is also against constitution of Pakistan. After seeing what is happening now in country I firmly believe the muhajirs parents made a blunder by creating Pakistan. And their children are now paying price for their mistake. The last solution is to call UN forces as they did in East Tamor Indonesia.

  2. Agreed 100%, I think Karachi/Hyderabad should start should combined and becomes a separate country. It was a blunder to make Pakistan. But I think not only us but whole Pakistan will pay the price. Tariq.

  3. The only solution is to give the right of representation of Karachites in the Federation by promoting the status of Karachi from City Government to the Status of Province. Let the culture of Pakistani unity and love among peoples in Karachi allowed to be promoted. Karachi/Mahajir Province is a legal demand of Karachites.

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