‘Eureka! Let’s computerise land records’


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said the record of lands will be maintained in a transparent and an organised manner through computerisation of revenue record. He said it would be a paradigm shift and it would benefit people. He said that people will get rid of corrupt mafia due to computerization of land record and forgery will be eliminated. He said that in this way people will also get relief from litigation of years together. He was presiding over a meeting regarding Land Record Management and Information System at Chief Minister’s Secretariat on Saturday. The meeting reviewed the progress of land record computerisation project.
Project director of the system gave a briefing to the meeting about the project.
Addressing the meeting, Shahbaz said the project of land record computerisation was of great importance. He said the common man would benefit from this project and it would be helpful in getting the ownership deed “Fard-e-Malkiyat” and registration of transfer deed. Similarly, the people will also get rid of fake registration of properties. He said that the credit of launching land record management and information system went to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. The CM disclosed that 89 land record assistant directors are being recruited through Punjab Public Service Commission for land record management and information system. He said Management and Professional Development Department will provide training of various matters to these officers. He said these officers will be imparted training of various professional matters and preserving the revenue record through modern methods during four months’ training so they could serve the people in a better way.
SPECIAL CHILDREN: The CM said rehabilitation of special children and making them a useful citizen by providing education and training to them was the joint responsibility of the government and the society. He disclosed that necessary framework in collaboration with UNESCO was being prepared under which special children would also get education in other schools. He announced that a representative meeting of all concerned will be convened next week for devising a comprehensive policy for the rehabilitation of special children.


  1. lolsss funny..he thinks Pakistanis are so naive that they wud believe his words…Sir jeee pehley dengue ko qaboo kary!!!!

  2. What a shame! This project was recommended by an honourable man in 1985 but was ignored by the then Finance Minister Punjab.Guess who was the Finance Minister then?

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