Sanctions for you, too if …


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned Pakistan that the Iran gas pipeline project is inexplicable and could invoke US sanctions that would further undermine Pakistan’s already shaky economy. This is the worst example for violating the international law. This is another attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan by the US. The US should know that Pakistan is facing energy crisis. Our economy is not improving due to energy crisis. Pakistan and Iran are two brotherly countries. If Iran wants to help Pakistan for resolving energy crisis, it is good for both the countries. A common man in Pakistan asks what the justification is for the US to warn Pakistan.

I advise to the government to go ahead with gas pipeline without taking US pressure. I also advise the US authorities for respecting the sovereignty of two independent countries.




  1. i think pakistan should take diplomatic steps to have good relations with iran by making gas pipeline project workable and demand petroleum resources from iran to fullfil energy crises and shd come up with specific terms with america about the recent incidents faced due american negligence on pak afghan border and the contiuously increasing pressure of reliving NATO supply its time for govt to take profitable steps if iran helps pakistan in evry stance in future and signs such agreement than we shd get rid of american reservative policies for pakistan

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