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Arrest warrant issued for Hamid Mir

Quetta Judicial Magistrate-III Muhammad Ibrahim Kakar has issued a non-bailable arrest warrant for Geo’s anchorperson and columnist Hamid Mir as well as the chairman of the group and editor-in-chief of daily Jung newspaper. The court issued Mir’s arrest warrant in a case filed by a senior lawyer of Balochistan, Khalid Khan. The petitioner has taken the plea that in his column of October 24, 2011, Mir had deliberately used contemptuous words against Pashtoon nationality that hurt the feeling of Pashtoon people. Besides the columnist, he had also made the editor-in-chief of the newspaper a party in the case.
He has prayed for legal action against both the columnist and editor- in-chief for hurting the feelings of Pashtoons. Notices have already been served on both respondents for their appearance before the court but they failed to comply with the orders. Three lawyers, including Abdul Majid Kakar, Abdul Wali Nasir and Abdul Zahir represented the petitioner in the court.

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    • Anon said:

      If you are not sarcastic, then you must be having an orgasm. Enjoy…

  1. Abdus Samad said:

    Very sad news indeed, the people who spend each second of their life in criticizing others not following the law themselves.. Hamid Mir specially, khud ko kuch alag hi cheaz samjhta hai..

    • xyz said:

      Hamid Mir is a nothing but a idiot, pain in ass and insult to the nation.

    • @IAgnikul said:

      Hamid Mir has been outspoken for Democracy and the Rule of Law to be applied equally to all within the country, including to the military. I think someone in the ISI has a sense of humour and decided to misuse the law against Mr Mir.

    • Noor Kakar said:

      jaini ap ko hsaid pata nai? hum log jo kam apnay tribe k liay kartay a, us per kissi fee ki zaruarat nai oti a

  2. Umair Asghar said:

    Non sense… but tey should have complied with the orders

    • Anon said:

      The magistrate should have thrown out the (frivolous) case. Otherwise, no journalist would be able to stay in the profession.

      When Mullah or Military become Magistrate this is the kind of problem the society would face…

  3. Farrukh Latif said:

    Sad news, he clarfied on the issue, but I guess he had been talking too straight about the ISI and it’s patriotic ventures.

    • MUDASSAR said:

      xcuse me….
      he wasn't talking straigt about ISI
      but was talking against ISI
      if u remember in 2011 he was among those a few journalists who were warned by ISI to talk about pakistan
      as they say these are working for RAW….
      I have w8d for this day so long

    • Arsalan Ali said:

      From which side does that person looks PATRIOTIC, I think you don't see his programs

  4. Ghazan said:

    No surprise, and nothing will happened as they guys fully funded and supported by the great power, and unfortunately we as a nation become so hardened to such stories and cases.

  5. salman said:

    All ov u above have read the Coloumn ??
    Cheap Publicity is very ez by critisizing any known person
    wht is hamid mir , i dunt even wana talk abt it
    but as a journalist i will say on news papers these

    • Anon said:

      I kind of know who Hamid Mir is. And I respect him.

      introduce yourself salman kid…

  6. hazrat wali kakar said:

    i am glad to listen about such wonderful news early in morning that arrest warrant issued forHamid Mir.he had used the words in his column which almost hurt each and every pashtun from any where in world.we always condemn biased journalism which hurt the national integrity and harmony.our country is already passing through critical phase such War on Terror affects life badly since 2001.currently balochistan separatist movement is harsh issue for all of that in those situation no one have right to write against any ethnic group.

    • amd said:

      ok do u really want people going to jail for hurting sentiments of other ethnic groups? 70% of this coutry would end up in jail that way.

  7. imdad soomro said:

    all journalist community with the hamid mir,
    Mir Sb, i had red that column there was no any wrong information,
    Mir sb, keep it up

    • Zia said:

      u read that article but u dnt have any sense/brain to judge that what he really wanna to say…Keeep it Down

  8. hazrat wali kakar said:

    i am very glad to listen such wonder news in early morning that arrest warrant is issued for Hamid Mir.because he used such harsh words in his column which hurt every one such as Pashtun from all over the world and liberals form every aspect of life.we should condemn biased journalism in our loved country. irresponsible journalism is hurdle in way of national integrity and unite nation. journalism is key pillar which play a most role in making public opinion .unfortunately our biased journalism(especially urdu portion) always play its irresponsible role which become responsible the great consequences.

    • imranhotiana said:

      In my opinion harsh words are very well deserved by those people and if the nation start showing some conviction for action behind such harsh words no one will dare exploiting it for personal sake. But journalism and debates have to be constructive and not focused on creating a hype to attract viewership. This is what our media men do these days. Even more serious is the fact that these anchors are spreading pessimism among the nation and promoting hatred; I wonder whose agenda it has to be…

  9. @IAgnikul said:

    Judicial independence or simply another example of misuse of authority by a magistrate/judge?

  10. @IAgnikul said:

    The judge probably does not have jurisdiction, the appropriate authority should be PEMRA

  11. Ahsan said:

    Great, if this news is true! Congrats everyone.

  12. Nayyar Khan Loni said:

    he deserves more than that..!!!
    he shud once look back at his own history before arguing about the great NATION..!

  13. Butt said:

    He was trying to become hero under the cover of freedom of press.He thought to become good anchor ISI, army and government should be abused.He was getting too much air,,timely action to trim him.In any case very few people listen him anymore.Most irresponsible journalist in the country

  14. najeeb kakar said:

    we don't support any sterotypic act by any journalist in our beloved country. the journalist should be more sensitive than any ordinary person because media is considered as 5th pillar of any state. therefore any irresponsive act by them directly endanger the integrity of the nation of a state. we demand unconditionally apology from Hamid Mir because his act had hurted every patriotic Pakistani and specially pakhtun. pakhtun has given alot of sacrificies for this country .

  15. shoaib said:

    hahahaha we already had seen lawyer extremism now we r running toward a journalist extremism lets see whose drama will get the award of ignoring the public problems. this country is more like as colonization period of america was….

  16. Muhammadi said:

    Good News
    Leader of yellow journalism and paid journalists Hamid Mir will caught soon.

  17. Aamir Farooq said:

    1. Wyh is it when someone influential and unleashed person like Hamid Mir is punished or ordered to be arrested, we consider it misuse of authority by judiciary?
    2. Why does Hamid Mir involve ISI in everything like Indians do?
    3. Here in England if you mock a nation or a race the way Hamid Mir has done in his editorial, you are taken to courts and duly punished for being RACIST. It does fall under the authority of judiciary, have no doubts about it.
    4. Here in England, you will find people from all over the world who are living and enjoying life whereas, Pakistan has been unable to provide that espect and status to Pashtoons so far.
    LISTEN for this is a fact. Hamid Mir IS on CIA's payroll. The way he extorts and moulds history and facts and does not let anyone challenge them is the way CIA operates. Otherwise, let me tell you, the guy does not have the level of intelligence to really be someone. And he has no right to abuse the PMs and Presidents of this country. Whatever they maybe or whoever they maybe, they have served Pakistan. Its time he should learn manners and civilities…

    • shahid said:

      Aamir………. fully agreed with you……. excellent analyses.. Hats off for your approach:)

  18. Adeel Khan said:

    good one instead this traitor should be hanged

  19. TruthExposed123 said:

    he must be punished for hurting feelings of my brothers

  20. Faisal said:

    magistrate did good.hamid mir and jang group ha syet to pay am amount of 8 biilion rupees tax..this gropu is also promoting indian culture in pakistan.

  21. Pakistan said:

    This man should share the same fate of that as Maya Khan and be shunned by society. If you cannot act, behave or speak in a manner which resembles that of how a Human Being should, you do not deserve to be a journalist let alone a member of this society. He actually prides himself in delivering horrible news 24 hours a day. Has Hamid Mir ever heard of "constructive criticism"? Speaking about the problems in Pakistan is a good thing, but only when you make an attempt to bring forth ideas in how to solve them. GEO TV and Hamid Mir never have any solutions for any of our issues – instead they just keep on hilighting about the same problems over and over again. How will that solve anything?

  22. ihtisham said:

    This was a criminal act did by Hamid Mir as a senor journalist.
    We believe in mutual respect.Pakistan is a fedration of different ethenic grouops and it needs to tolerate and respect eachothers not abuse.
    What Hamid Mir did he got the reply from nature.(Tit for tat).
    If we want pakistan a prosperouus and indepent country we should respect all the nations.

    • Sharif kakar said:

      Dear ihtisham,
      you have used very soft language for hamid although he deserve harsh word,but our code of ethic don't permit to use ……hamid has done very bad job with whole pashtoon nation.his motive behind that to disintegrate pashtoon and parsian in Afghanistan…and salute to Khalid khan,Majid,Zahir Advocate and especial thanks for Magistrate Ibrahim …..

      Sharif Kakar..

  23. Khan said:

    I am a pashtoon , and i have read that column. and i dont like hamid mir at all. But did you guys read his column?? he just qouted something from a book to explain the differences between tajik and pashtoons. is that wrong? isnt that true that tajiks hate pashtoons and vice versa.

  24. Qalandar Khan said:

    Hameed Mir sb do u want 2 examine the patience and sacrifice of pashtoon on pakistan.pashtoon r not terrorist. pashtoon r patriotic…………………….

  25. Imran said:

    what the hell is going on, there is nothing agaianst pashtoon inthe column then why stupid guy get against him.WE ARE WITH HAMID MIR. KEET IT UP….

  26. Nouman khan said:

    I solute to Mr. Hamid Mir due what ever i sayed all is truth we must accept that not critisise him . food work

  27. ayesha said:

    he should be in jail yeh dramabaaz hai paise leker blackmailing karta hai.

  28. dr inam kakar said:

    Mir dont know the histroy of pashtoons.he s an anchorperson who doing everything on the saying of terroist organisation at karachi…bz if he will nt do like that then his main geo office will be close thr…..apsos Mir sb…

  29. Qasim said:

    He only give reference of other person book on his own words, beher hal every person should take care about any languages, bcoz unity made strength, Bulochi & paktoon should respect each other and punjabi , sindhi also respect blochi and pathan we are one under falg of islam…

  30. Aamir said:

    Yeh sab lanti agensies ka kam lagata haai…. jo banda Pakistan kay liay awaz uthata hai hamari establishment uss kay issi tarah khilaf hoti hai

  31. moaz said:

    Dajjal will have one eye, GEO has one eye…….. pakistani media is dajjal, …all news r against muslims, nothing against anti- muslim, ….

  32. sameer said:

    wow good news syasatdanoo ki kabhi mukhalifat aur kabhi chmcha geri kertay hain paison ki khatar un ko under hi rakho baher nahin nikalna.

  33. chowdhary nadeem said:

    hamid is traitor and always support traitors

  34. observer from UK said:

    The magistrate is over reacting possibly because of new found freedom of judiciary. This action is far from satisfactory. Hamid Mir is an accomplished anchor person and such action would be regarded intimidatory.

  35. Aryan Arya said:

    He must be hanged in Public… a stupid ignorant journalist………..Hamid Mir is the enemy of Pashtoon..

  36. Hina Rana said:

    gr8 decision by the magistrates ..he deserves that coz we all are 1 & these all attempts are just 2 destroy our country by creating the gr8 infulence ov racism…we r one and we have 2 fight together against evils..

  37. miiib said:

    man ki kus ha puktoonon ki ……..geo hazara

  38. sm said:

    Hamid Mir hase never been fair as anchor on TV. His style and discussions have been lopsided. One can easily notice his presumption before hand. He must retire and do something else now. People have seen him too much on TV. Hamid, please go home and let some new face take over.

  39. Ramis said:

    The entire Jung group comprises of people like Hamid Mir, who use all their resources to blackmail the government for the group's interest. They think that they are strong enough to control the country's state of affair and the judiciary as well. People like Hamid Mir should be strongly condemned

  40. Habibies said:

    This is very Good News… He American Slave… Talking for Money Only… Ban him forever…

  41. Waseem Ahmad said:

    He should have abide by the court's notices issued to him earlier. Instead of terming it issue of media freedom he should go and face the court. I had not read his article earlier and have now gone through it. he is so naive as in one of the place he mentioned that the ISI and President Zardari helped Karzai to win in the Afghan Presidential elections by securing the votes of Afghan refugees in Pakistan for him. Interestingly, in the 2009 Presidential elections no polling arrangements were made for the Afghan refugees in Pakistan due to security reaons unlike the 2004 polls. This shows his knowledge about the entire issue,

  42. yellowdragon said:

    Why is everyone taking all the anger out on him…how about dissolving PPP b/c Bhutto was the 1st one to discriminate Balochs when he did the 1st military operation against them. 1st hold Bhuttos accountable & then PPP & then others

  43. Taimoor Hussain Chughtai said:

    The issue of Afghanistan is very sensitive as per my point of view. We are technically divided, in Punjab you can see is PML-N, in KPK- ANP, Baluchistan-BLA etc, Sindh-PPP and in Karachi-MQM speakers. Now when a journalist print this type of thing will lead to a problem like this,,,,,we are Pakistanis and we should be Pakistanis instead of Baloach, sindi, panjabi, paktoon etc.

  44. Ahmad said:

    he deserves it .. he is such a negative impact on the society

  45. karen said:

    well well well Abdul Majid Kakar, Abdul Wali Nasir and Abdul Zahir.
    U people are heroes of today for taking up a case against hamid mir. Why did it take you such a long time to condemn him for his heroic efforts and guts. Just because you dont have the guts to condemn the wrong. you people start a blame game. HAS ANY BODY ISSUED WARRANTS AGAINT THE AMERICAN SENATORS FOR PASSING A BLL TO SEPARATE BALOCHISTAN FROM PAKISTAN. DID U SERVE THE PRESENT GOVT WITH WARRANTS FOR SELLING OUR MINERALS UNLAWFULLY . NO BECAUSE TO REALLY TAKE A STAND ONE SHOULD HAVE THE GUTS TO FACE REALITIES ON A DEEPER LEVEL. YOU AND THE LIKES OF YOU ARE SUPERFICIAL.

  46. xyz said:

    some one behind the scene their is tow party it will clear soon

  47. ajmal khan said:

    media persons should be penalised on their wrong and hurting words & acts.
    Also their should be a defined rules and regulations for them, on which they should act upon.

  48. Rizwan said:

    Thats good news, Hamid Mir jaffar must be punished, and JEW tv must banned

  49. m arif said:

    This man is a bad spot on journalism. Others like kashif abbasi should also be given this type of punishment as an initial step.

  50. Muhammad Naveed said:

    Urooj O Zawwal to Insaan k Muqaddar main hai. bus achcha to ye hai k Insaan, Insaan bana rahey ya Insaan baney ki koshish to karta rahey. shayad is amal se Hamid mir ko kuch seek milay. InshaAllah or Jin bhaiyoon ko Mir sahab k is amal ne hurt kiya hai wo in ko muaaf kar sakain.

  51. Zia Khan said:

    Hazrat Wali Kakar has made an emotional delivery without reading what Hamid Mir quoted in his column. Derogatory remarks are made to inflict insult on other ethnic groups by the sons of anarchy who lack wisdom and sow seeds of hatred and animosity. It is true that Afghans have been fighting on ethnic grounds and that is why Afghanistan is what we see today. Even the wisdom in most cases is claimed by this disease. The cost of this historical stupidity is too high.
    Afghans destroyed their country themselves after departure of Russian troops. A never ending war on ethnic lines gave birth to Taliban.
    Lucy Morgan Edwards wrote in her book what Tajiks say in Afghanistan about Pukhtoons. Mir has quoted that and it has nothing to do with our national unity. Pukhtoons are a very respectable and important segment of Pakistani society. Judicial Magistrate in this case seems to be a funny guy.

  52. Obaid said:

    these guys are supported by the international lobby i mean JEWS lobby .. no one can do anything to them easily .. Geo channel is itself made for this task.. just spread bad as much you can this is what they are basicallyt made for .. arrest them forever !!

  53. H. Basharat said:

    I hope he will be in jail for his abuse to Pashtoon brithers. Hamid Mir is never fathful to Pakistan. He delibrately passed on secrets of Military and National security of Pakistan to the enemies, Alqaida and Taliban. He must be punished same as we have Usama bin Ladin. Bravo for the Justice by these brave judges.

  54. yaqoob said:

    good to see this i like this action of court for pashtoon

  55. Zia Khan said:

    Those who express their opinions on this issue must reaed Hamid Mir's article first. He has not made any personal remarks on Pushtoons. He may be good or bad but let us all be fair to him.

  56. XYZ said:

    He is good person. He always right.
    Arrest warrant very bad and sad news

  57. rIZWAN said:

    I think some balochis are playing the game of the "Big Boss".

  58. Umer Abbasi said:

    He should clear his point of view in front of court as he was summoned for the same.

  59. Faizi said:

    He should be hanged !
    He is destroyer of Pakistan.. He alway give bad image of Pakistan

  60. guest said:

    Pashtoons are great people regardless of what this "munafiq" Kashmiri writes about them, he should remember that it was Pashtoons who liberated Azad Kasmir.

  61. Tariq said:

    this foreign agent should be brought to justice, geo means yahoods يهود


    Hamid Mir we the people of Balochistan and Pakistan are with you for becoming the voice of the abused the victims and the helpless, please save us and our beloved Pakistan from these so called "DO GOODERS" who think they know what is right and what is wrong for every one and who have brought our beloved nation to the current sate of crisis.


  63. xahida said:

    no body knows what is truth behind it…. any how good luck to him…

  64. Sohail said:

    you right Mir. we are with you. Those people always black mail when know the truth. Good work God is with you carry on. Good job.

  65. shakil said:

    He act like he is anti-Pakistan…. anyway.. Goood News… i m happy

  66. capriazhar said:

    I opine that journalism has been commercialized by some anchorperson to gain ulterior motives and to increase the toll of wealth.

  67. Well Wisher said:

    This is anchor sponsored publicity stunt.Mr.Mir could make some capital out of it.It is but natural to promote some heat around to show that he must be doing something right after all.

  68. Mohammed said:

    What a pathetic judgement by a pathetic judge. Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of any decent society and these sort of judgements show what losers some people are.

  69. Mukhtar said:

    This news should be taken off from this site because enough publicity has been given and Hamid Mir has achieved his aim through this cheap popilarity.

  70. Zafar I. Bangash. said:

    it is consists on reality that media exceeds and Exaggerate. they must be stopped. they dont care of the upcoming consiquenses but for own devalued reputebility. Now the time to give them shutup call…….

    Zafar I. Bangash.

  71. ASAD said:

    Good News… This below average anchor needs to be harnessed….

  72. ak-loaded said:

    Hamid Mir is corrupt to the bones and this Geo news is the most pro india channel in pakistan. He and his owners work for unrest in Pakistan with much success

  73. Wazir Khan said:

    I dont think that Hamid Mir has given any wrong statement against the Pashtoon. He cannot do this, however, if he did so he should be brought to the justice. Pashto tribe is a brave tribe.

  74. butt jee said:

    No intellect and no manners. Mir is minting money through black mailing. A real stigma on the face of journalist community.

  75. nasarminallah said:

    Mir is a so called journalist who is loyal only to those who pay him to buy his loyalties. This stinking man recently sided with a traitor Hussain Haqqani and his corrupt master who had fled away to Dubai for begging the Americans to bail him out. Mir's near ones have disclosed that he was fully aware of the reality of Memo but ultimately it was that huge monetary bribe which became the deciding factor for Hamid Mir. There after, very shamefully he started a defaming campaign against the security institutions of the country and narrated all sorts of cooked up and irrelevant stories and arguments to bail out the evil trio of Zardari, Gilani and Haqqani. Now it is the result of his treasonous activities that a simple Criminal issue was thoroughly politicized as it was presented by him as a conspiracy of the Army against the Government. It was because of his media campaign that the traitor Haqqani was able to get away without being punished. Similarly Zardari and Gilani who felt they had been cornered and would have to face the people's wrath for selling the security of Pakistan to US, were helped by Hamid Mir to get away unscathed. Instead of worrying about our enemies from across our borders we should be more concerned about the enemies like Hamid Mir who are Pakistanis in name but have always worked against Pakistan's national interests. Till such time the people of Pakistan expose these black sheep within our generally patriotic journalist community.

  76. Tariq Javed said:

    He was flying in the air, now this receipt will bring him down to earth. well done Justice.

  77. jahangir said:

    three J,s should be brought to books(judges,generals @journalist) name= shahid

  78. Syed said:

    Journalists should be allowed freedom of speech. They are the back bone of building of a nation

  79. Mira said:

    There is no any implementation of court decision in our country 🙁 ..

  80. Umair Ahmed Abbasi said:

    I wonder when we people will start taking these people seriously. you have noticed the criticism when it came to Pashtoon but nobody raised their voice when he himself was with the families of missing people and pleading to each and everyone of the nation to raise their voices for the support of those who disappeared. I like Hamid Mir A lot. I take his words seriously but in a progressive manner. We shouldn't take words into context from the whole article instead we should understand the purpose of that article. May ALLAH grant us wisdom to do the impossible.

  81. Mr.Arshad Pervaiz said:

    I would like to know the contect number of Mr. Hamed Mir as well his Email address,
    So please favor with as follows.

    His mobile number and Email ASAP

    Thanks and Regards,

    Mr. Arshad Pervaiz
    Mobile number : 00971-50-4615244
    Email: [email protected]

  82. Inder Ahuja said:

    No One will Dare to arrest Mir,because Media Persons and Terrorists are above Law.They can say and do whatever they like…..

  83. parvaiz said:

    It is indeed sad day for the free press.

  84. Kaashmeeri said:

    Respected Senior lawyer of Balochistan, Mr.Khalid Khan is too busy to update himself with the daily NEWSPAPERS. But its a good effort. Finally he has reached to Newspapers of Oct 2011. Wakeek sahib ka Matha choom ke Shabaashi dene ko dil karta hei.

  85. Imran Masood said:

    I think the gentleman in question has crossed his limits and he should be taken to task. I personally feel that he crosses his limits on an number of occassions and he should reminded of his position.

  86. Noor Kakar said:

    Hameed ko pansi kisaza oni chai a.
    is ko koi sharm nia a.
    kia tm log bool gahay jb 2 years pelay india nay waga border per pura army jama kia ta, laranay k liay, pir q wapis chalau gahay tay, q k pakista k pakhtoon tribles jin ko aj kal hum terorist samaj rahay a, unoon india ko khabardar kia ta k agar tumara akhial a, k hum pakistan per amla karayngay to hum chup rahayngay. to tumara a khial apnay zain say nika do, q k pakistan army say pelay hum apnay sharadoon ki hifazat k liay ponch jahngay.
    tough i think that it is a good step in respect of pahktoons.
    So HAMEED saib ko bi pata chalay ko kis tara next time pakhtoon k baray may kuch aosa waisa likega

  87. shabbir Jatoi said:

    Judges nothing can do against him

  88. Raja Nazie said:

    Trial should be open and could be seen by
    all — Truth is Always Truth

  89. Muhammad Adnan said:

    یہ پاکستان کا آزاد میڈیا ہے لیکن امریکہ کا غلام میڈےا ھے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
    محمد عدنان طاپر سعدی

  90. Farhan Hussain said:

    I am sorry guys but this person always talking about army and ISI and one day he have to pay the price. I saw some of his comments on live tv which he shouldnt do that. There are lot of our enemies and he is thier mouth piece. Recently he gave interview to indian tv and Mr Hamid Mir was barking against Mr Mushraff and Army role He is playing golf with army officers and during night Geo program he is talking againt army. I have reliable news about him he recently sold plot in F11 sector for the price of 11 crorr rupees. How became he is rich man?

  91. Arif maqsood said:

    Hamid Mir Sahab A.O.A.missing persons k baray me ap nay kafi programe kiye hain bohat ache bat hai but queta me jin begunah punjabion ko katal kiya ja raha hai is topic ko ap nay kabhi heilight nhe kiya or na he on k lawahakeen k sath izhar-e-hamdardi k liye koe programe kiya plz is topic py b tawaja dain.dosra mashwara ye hai queta sy punjab FSD wagera main daily senkaron trucks balochistan sy balochon k atay hain on ko aj tk kisi punjabi ny nuksaan nhe pohanchaya ye b ache bat hai ap on drivers sy programe krain on k interview lain on sy pochain k ap ko yahan punjab me koe takleef ya problem to nhe hota to ap ko ans positive milay ga esa programe karnay sy balochon ki punjabion k khilaf nafrat kam karnay me kafi help milay gi

  92. Karim Jan said:

    The government did well because Hamid compare a Tawaif with a Worrier nation. According to me the Government and other people did will. The phatan is the nation stand in front of English Army. I proud to be a Pathan

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