CJ takes suo motu notice of Waheeda Shah’s slap


Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Wednesday took suo motu notice of PPP candidate Waheed Shah physical abuse of female polling staff during by election on Feb 25. The Supreme Court issued notices to the PPP leader, Sindh IG Mushtaq Shah and Election Commission of Pakistan for March 2. Waheeda Shah slapped the presiding officer and others at a polling station inTando Muhammad Khan during polling for by-elections on PS-53. The action was taken on an appeal of a DMG officer published in a newspaper.


  1. All eyes are on supreme court now. This is their time to prove that they will dispense justice. If they do not, they will have ruined the future of Pakistan and they nation will never forgive them. They will have any future blood that may be shed on their hands. The future of the country and democracy is in their hands. I hope they have the courage to live upto every Pakistani's expectations. I DOUBT IT THOUGH BUT I HOPE I AM WRONG.

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