Meera’s fiancé’s father suing her for swindling money


Raja Khalid, who is the father of actress Meera’s fiancé, has decided to sue her for swindling money, and not handing over a house he had bought from her. Renouncing her as the fiancé of his son Naveed Shahzad, Khalid also accused the Lollywood actress of deceiving his son.
According to media reports, Khalid claimed that he had entered into a deal with Meera to buy a furnished house in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore for Rs 20 million from her. A deed was signed by the two parties and it was decided that Meera would hand over the possession of the house to Raja Khalid within six months.
Khalid further claimed that Meera received pay order worth US$400,000 on October 14, 2009 and it was agreed that Meera would deduct the price of her house from the pay order and return the remaining amount to Khalid. Meera also sent a receipt, duly signed by herself and her mother Mrs Shafqat Zuhra Bukhari.
The pay order was deposited in Meera’s account, however, Khalid claimed that Meera neither handed over the house, nor returned the money deposited in her account. Whenever she was asked for possession of the house, she used delay tactics, and one of her relatives was still residing in that house.
Khalid also accused Meera of not telling him about her first marriage and the related court case.


  1. Jadheejo andho ho cha jo geo tv na disando ho. Miss Meera ingliss beau Aa teeq (Sindhi wari teeqa) sajo deenh media g zeenat banyal huya kjh arso ag. Poor child anjan kaitra dukh disandee suhag raat malahin khaan ag. Aa teeq shori ja kam lahay bhee chadya hunda and pilot sahab anjaan meera saan hani moon malahin ja khuwab pio disay. By the way Miss Meera Bukhari aa. Jhal lath

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