Imran’s tsunami encompasses villages, or so he says…


PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that his party would make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state and added that the people of the country were disappointed and hence, there was a need of change. He was talking at a session at Jandiyala Shair Khan where a large of PTI workers were present. Imran said that it was tragic that the elite class of the country was not paying taxes and added that he would streamline the tax system. He said that no political force could stop him as the urban ‘tsunami’ was headed towards villages now.
He called this a sign of an impending revolution. He said that he was fighting to secure this country and that the youth was with him in this quest. He said that corrupt rulers had brought the nation on the brink of a catastrophe and that the situation was appalling. He stated that such conditions are the reason as to why he had adopted the way of change as the nation vied to rid themselves from corrupt rulers. PTI office barriers and ISF workers were also present on this occasion. Imran also spoke at Safderabad, Farooqabad and Sangla Hill where locals warmly welcomed him.


  1. The Cat is Out of the Bag,Imran Khan’s PTI joined Jihadi-sectarian terrorists at Difa-e-Pakistan rally in Karachi.PTI’s association with this group of violent bigots is shameful , In the last few days, we have seen PTI leadership actively involved in entirely questionable activities that not only pay lip service to extremism but actively encourage it.Pakistanis are better Muslims then imran,qazi hussain,nawaz luhar etc,they don't need Imran-Nawaz saudi funded wahabi islam in Pakistan.IMRAN KHAN IS JUST ONE FAILED HYPOCRITE SO-CALLED POLITICIAN.

  2. In addition he has and is supporting bank defaulters…..infect the guy in car with before the Lahore jails was one of them and one is living in his house….. Have fun with them IK

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