Police gardi


Every law abiding citizen would be in shock to see a news report in print and electronic media about shooting by police officials at a newly married lady doctor belonging to a respectable family, seriously injuring her whereas two other ladies and her brother-in-law accompanying her luckily escaped the bullets on 25 February.

As per the footages available from hidden camera reported by the media, the said family in their car was going near Police Headquarters in the Garden Area where the mobile police party was already waiting and indulged into altercation with them. Nonetheless, when the lady doctor tried to sit in the car, they shot at her injuring her seriously.

Though the accused ASI and two other police officials who were arrested later on while the fourth one absconded after a police case was registered against them, this act by law protectors has raised some serious apprehensions in the minds of peaceful and law abiding citizens about the role of police.

Nonetheless, every peaceful citizen is generally afraid of police as they may shoot at him any time without any provocations. It appears that this is still a police state despite tall claims being made by our elected governments from to time.

I hereby request to the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo motu action and also to the various organisations working for human rights to take notice of the ever increasing police powers and excessive use of force against the peaceful and law abiding citizens in order to dispel the image of prevailing police state.