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‘Mansoor playing politics on Memo issue’

A spokesman for Hussain Haqqani’s legal team has said that Mansoor Ijaz is once again playing politics through media statements on the issue of Memo currently being probed by a high powered commission in Pakistan.
Responding to a statement issued by Mansoor Ijaz, the spokesman said that neither Hussain Haqqani nor his legal team were commenting on the proceedings of the commission as the honourable commission has asked the respondents in the issue to refrain from talking to the media and “Mansoor Ijaz should also wait for the commission proceedings to end.”
The spokesman said Mansoor Ijaz, a US citizen, decided to get involved in Pakistani politics himself and was now seemingly worried about the media scrutiny of his character and financial dealings in the international media as well as the Pakistani media.
“Whatever Mansoor Ijaz may or may not have done in his life, whether commenting on a nude video or being the subject of judicial decisions over bank loan defaults only reflects who he is and if the media here or abroad is looking into it he needs to respond to the substance of the charges instead of blaming us without proof of responsibility for its publication,” the spokesman said.
He said further neither Husain Haqqani nor the elected government of Pakistan controls international or domestic media.
The spokesman said Mansoor Ijaz had been threatening various media outlets of legal actions since media started looking into his past but had not done so as he was aware that media was only reporting verifiable facts.
“It is unfortunate that Mansoor Ijaz has decided to mislead the media about the memo issue by repeating his concocted stories.”
As for his claims and clever tricks of developing a story around some messages that he claims to be evidence we will expose that before the commission, the spokesman said. He added that now the commission had facilitated Mansoor Ijaz to present his version before it, he should wait for the commission’s findings instead of issuing statements.
“The legal team is preparing to cross examine him about his claims and his so called evidence and also preparing to take him to court for false allegations against Haqqani and the democratic government of Pakistan. Legal action is also being contemplated against those who have helped Mansoor Ijaz to create this artificial crisis,” the statement concluded.

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  1. anwer zaidi said:

    I dont under stand that why so much importance is being given to Mansoor Ejaz who is simply playing tricks to get into the world medai and becaome a known man, what ever he has done so far is just base less and un trustable he should not be given any more importance althoug i have nothing to do with ppp but as a mater of fact our countries is being defamed.

  2. Haider said:

    It is obvious that justice wasn’t served when another Washington, D.C. and CIA connected Mansoor Ijaz who has been ex CIA director James Woolsey’s partner in stock fraud and money laundering and fraud against Americans through Crescent Hydropolis NY based Bloomberg protected hedge fund, is never mentioned by Zionist shill Asra Nomani when she lays the blame to distract from any real investigation into the death of her supposed friend and WSJ boss Daniel Pearl,( just like Daniel Pearl’s Zionista daddy Judea Pearl seems to be prorecting Israelis of ICTS International who allowed Richard Reid to board at De Gualle Airport with his ‘shoe bomb’ one month after allowing the presumed Islamic Saudi Mohamed Atta terrorists to board at Logan Boston on 9/11/01 a month before that. ). It was Mansoor Ijaz ‘advice’ and connections in Pakistan that got Daniel Pearl murdered in the first place. And Asra Nomani who was there knows all this and if she was a Wall Street Journal ‘reporter’ she is an embarrassment,(or a good example of the pseudo-journalists WSJ hires),because she doesn’t even know of her fellow Beltway parasite Mansoor Ijaz’ involvement in stock fraud,particularly but not only Crescent Hydropolis,with James Woolsey,Lt.General James Alan Abrahamson and Lt. General Mcinerney on the London AIM stock exchange that had the backing of Dubai war AND MONEY LAUNDERING criminal Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum whose country sent $100,000 from Pakistani Kalid Sheik Mohamed to Mohamed Atta, pre 9/11, in Venice,Florida where he was hanging out at Jeb Bush’s pal Wally Hilliard’s terrorist flight school,Huffman Aviation.This Snake of Dubai Sheik Mohamed al Rashid Maktoum was then rewarded with over 20% ownership of the U.S.NASDAQ FOR HIS MONEY LAUNDERING BUSINESS IN DUBAI AS A CONSOLATION PRIZE FOR NOT BEING ALLOWED TO BUY CONTROL OF U.S.PORTS THROUGH DUBAI PORTS.Asra Nomani and other phony ‘professional’ reporters made sure to not write about Sheikh Maktoum’s take over of 20%+ of NASDAQ and SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro and IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman’s self dealing and millions of dollars for their treasonous act of selling it to him in their roles as FINRA execs before their retired to their Barack Osama Obama approved SEC and IRS positions in the U.S. ‘government’.

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