Balochistan is Pakistan’s internal issue, says EU envoy


Balochistan is part of Pakistan and its internal issue and the European Union is engaged in various development projects in the province just like in other parts of the country, EU delegation head Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark said on Sunday.
He said the EU was also furthering support to capacity building of Pakistani democratic institutions. “Being under the shadow that Balochistan is part of Pakistan, we are going to be engaged in Balochistan as we already are supporting a number of development projects there,” he said.
“Keeping the fact in the view that Balochistan has a very small share as part of the overall population of the country, access to the development and its monitoring activity is a key issue,” he added. “Yes, security is an issue but it has a chicken and egg type of correlation with development,” he added.
“But this is an internal issue of Pakistan,” he said, avoiding to comment on the resolution in the US Congress on Balochistan. “I cannot comment but what is important is to say that in Balochistan, like in all other parts of Pakistan, international standards of human rights and fundamental democratic principles must be adhered to,” he underlined.
Wigemark said freedom “of the media as well as that of expression is very important”. “Trying to provide a democratic framework would ensure more stability and cohesion and would reduce conflict. This is essential anywhere in the world, be it Balochistan, Sindh or anywhere else,” he maintained.
The ambassador said he intended to visit Balochistan in the near future to meet Governor Nawab Zulfikar Ali Magsi, Chief Minister Nawab Muhamad Aslam Raisani, Speaker Muhammad Aslam Bhootani and Prisons and Human Rights Minister Sultan Muhammad Tareen.
Wigemark said he already had meetings with NA Speaker Fahmida Mirza and heads of almost all the political parties in parliament, in addition to women parliamentarian. He said all his meetings were regarding a programme of the EU to support variety of political institutions ranging from the Election Commission of Pakistan to the individual political parties, even at the provincial levels. He said he had already been to Peshawar and Lahore and intended to soon visit Karachi and Quetta for this purpose.
“In addition to outside observes, we would have dialogue with local partners all parties, NGOs and human rights organisations,” he said.
“The EU support is without strings attached and aims at capacity building, that is why we welcome the 20th Amendment that to my understanding capacitates an independent Election Commission,” said the ambassador.
In the coming elections, whenever they are, “we are going to send our observers well before time one and half month ahead of them”, he said. “The EU would send both long-term and short-term observers. We would also follow up the observations,” he added. “But there has to be a request from Pakistan as the one we had last time. We are also considering support local observers NGOs and other human rights organisations,” he added.


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