SNGPL refuses job to employee who lost eye sight


The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has refused to re-instate its low-paid trainee after he lost eye sight in spurious medicine reaction, the affected man has said.
Muhammad Haroon, a resident of Mardan, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, said he had approached the SNGPL Peshawar office after he had received job restoration order. “But the SNGPL authorities rejected my application,” Haroon, father of two children said.
Haroon said he had served as guard and helper at some stations including the head office in Lahore until he had been sacked along with thousands by then Nawaz Sharif government.
He said he was happy when he had the restoration letter but when visited the SNGPL Peshawar office to report he was denied the job.
“I was told by the officers to write application to the head office in Lahore for appointment against the disable seat. I did sent application and even visited the head office Lahore and requested job restoration but the officials rejected my plea,” he said.
Haroon said he had sent application to the public grievances cell to the Supreme Court but has not yet received any response so far.
He said that he has not been paid the arrears so far which had been promised to all employees after they were restored. He said he had given an application to his MNA but his request was not given any heed. He said he had also filed application in the Benazir Income Support Programme but also ignored in registration.
He said he has been suffering from different diseases and have no source of income and only relatives are helping him and his two children. He said relatives helped him in eye surgery in Peshawar and Shifa Eye Hospital in Rawalpindi.
“I am in miserable condition and appeal to the government and the SNGPL to restore me against the quota of disable persons. I also appeal to the SNGPL to pay me the arrears as had been paid to all restored employees,” Haroon said.
He appealed to the Prime Minister’s grievance cell to help him restored so he can feed his children and to pay for their schooling.