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Sindhi separatists announce comeback

Taking strength from the Baloch freedom movement, the Sindhi separatists have also started their own struggle for the eventual separation of Sindh province from Pakistan, starting off by planting several bombs along the railway tracks in the province.
Railway tracks at around 14 different locations across Sindh were damaged in a series of bomb blasts in the wee hours of Saturday by presumably politically motivated miscreants.
When a team of Pakistan Railways engineering department arrived at the Bin Qasim Railway Station to repair the tracks damaged by two minor blasts, they found a pamphlet from the site.
The paper printed on both sides, carried the name of “Sindhu Desh Liberation Army (SDLA)” at the top. The pamphlet was later forwarded to the Pakistan Railways Karachi Division SSP Muzzaffar Sheikh.
Talking with Pakistan Today, Sheikh said the pamphlet was issued by SDLA Chief Commander Darya Khan Marri.
“In the pamphlet, the SDLA chief commander has requested the Sindhis to start an armed struggle for Sindh as an independent state like Balochistan. Marri also draws attention to the disparity of affairs by the Centre to the residents of the province,” the police officer said. “The Sindhis have been called on to take up arms and join the movement of free and independent state [of Sindh] on the world map.”
“Taking the Baloch as their role model, the SDLA has lauded their efforts in getting world’s recognition and tried to convince the Sindhis, who, according to Marri, have been deprived of their rights by the Centre since decades, and could get worldwide recognition through an arm struggle like the Baloch,” Sheikh said.
“In the pamphlet, the SDLA chief commander has assured the citizens of Sindh that his movement will also launch an armed struggle like the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) for making Sindh an independent state,” he added.
“Marri claims that the Centre was exploiting the natural resources of Sindh against a very low royalty to facilitate Punjab,” the SSP said, adding that the government’s pro-Punjab policies have also been criticised.
“Terming the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) as ‘opportunists’, the SDLA blamed the party for using the Sindh card for attaining power, trying to impress upon the nationalists that Sindh is the country’s most poor province,” Sheikh said. “In the pamphlet, the SDLA has requested the Sindhis to stand up against the government, Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence.”
On his Facebook profile, the SDLA chief commander called upon his “brave Sindhi brothers” to pick up arms against the country’s establishment just like their Baloch brothers so that the world comes to know that the Sindhis are also struggling for freedom.
In June and July 2010, a dozen similar incidents were avoided when law enforcement personnel had defused the explosives planted along the railway tracks across the province. Then also, the SDLA had claimed responsibility of the attempted attacks and vowed to continue the “war” until Sindh was liberated.


  1. Muhammad Bin Naveed said:

    dimagh kharab hai sub ka they r being driven by people who have no interest in nationalism and just want to have their own piece of the corruption pie.

  2. Mir Naseer said:

    Shame on people who are trying for all this.

    I don’t know what’s in their stupid head.

    We Pukhtons, balochs, punjabis and Sindhis are ONE and PAKISTANIS.

  3. HaMźậ ƛĥMęď said:

    They all are trying to divide Pakistan but they dnt knw if Pakistan will b divided India will capture it…if this diyara khan ever went to schl then he would now meanings of words like unity..but they only know abt maar dhar killings n all….even their flag shows who voilent they are///

  4. dar said:

    A sindhi President and a pro Sindhi PPP government has brought this on us now.
    The price for Zardari's vacation to London during the floods and the scandaleous way the flood victims have been ignored and treated since then, has to be paid.

  5. SHAHEER said:





    • salman said:

      go die in a sewer you bloody hog, people like you belong at the end of a rope at adiala

      • ranatana said:

        typical paki / punjabi mentality. kill, hang torture anyone with a different opinion..

  6. Muhammad Asif Joyo said:

    Choti choti baaton ko highlight nhn kiya karo men sindh men rehta hon mujhe pata hay yahan jo sepratist hain aik union council ki seat nhn jeet sakte tou sindh ko kese alag kar sakte hain !!! bullshiit!!!

  7. bahawodin said:

    I think this is the time, that all patans are near to get to gather and make one state pashtulinista/Afghanistan

  8. S.Lal said:

    Still there is time for Punjabis of Pakistan to mend their inimical ways towards India. Otherwise, the time is running out for Punjabis.

  9. Ejaz Ali said:

    This is a wonderful news

    I personaly wish them every success

    They should keep fighting for there freedom

    We are living in 21th century everyone has the right to live free so good luck to SDLA Chief Commander Darya Khan Marri and also to Baloch brothers

    • Samunder Khan said:

      Ghorra, Ghorra!!!! You people are most immature in politics. Don`t you think Talibans are winning in Afghanistan and Islamabad shall follow the?. Then, what happens? Feudel-lords, educated people,business community shall be killed. Yes, if this man Darya Khan, SDLA, wins there shall be four States. No Talibans, no Quidis. Punjab and Sindh shall serve as buffer-zones to the most feared nations of the world i.e. Indians. Pakistani Atom bombs shall be useless. Allah Allah, kher sallah!!!!

  10. shirkhan said:

    ISI and Pakistani Army has played with fire when they started Interfering in Afghanistan and gave Arms to Terrorist TALIBAN and sent them to kill innocent Afghans people.
    Now its time to pay back for all the wrong doings and first Baluchistan will be free then all Pakistan will break Inshallah.

  11. Bilal Yousufzai said:

    This is a very good news and I am happy for my Sindhi brothers. Time has comes, these punjabis dont understand civilised language and will not change anything for their ethnic groups in Pakistan. In todays world, you need to take up arms and fight for your freedom. Baluch have proved that you can have a separate and peaceful state by fighting the ISI establishment.

    I am a pukhtoon from Peshawar, and I dont consider myself Pakistani as I have nothing in common with Punjabis, our culture is different, our way of life is different, we look different and we are different in every other aspect. Lets understand this fact and respect one anothers difference and recognise the fact that we want our own countries. Just like you fought for your rights to leave India and have your own state, we are doing exactly the same. Is there anything wrong with that? No its not! Pukhtoons are free and always will be, We will always stand up to Paki government like we have since 1947. We already have our own government and our own way of living.

    If the Pakis stand in our way, we will teach them lessons on how to respect our freedom and culture.

    • samander Khan said:

      Actually, Panjabis are the historical enemies of Pakhtuns. Panjabis helped Indian British rule to invade Afghanistan and they did not allow Pashtuns to enter Panjab.Afghan refugees were camped in KP and were not allowed in Panjab. Urdu Mohjirs were kicked to Sindh. Panjabis killed hundreds of Pakhtuns who were followers of Bacha Khan. Story goes long. Panjabis gave money to Mullas and created Talibans and have created a mess in both Afghanistan and Pakhtun-khawa and Karachi.Pashtuns are killed on daily basis due to the ugly politics of Panjabis. Open your eyes our Pashtun brothers. Panjabis are your worst enemies!!!!!!!

  12. Sheema said:

    Beware of Indians posing as Pakistanis and posting comments.

  13. Jamshed Karejo said:

    I’m Sindhi and over my dead body will Sindh be separated from Pakistan. We love Sindh and we love Pakistan. Sindh will always remain part of Pakistan.

  14. M Farhan said:

    I am a muslim and then a Pakistani..nothing else.. Those who want to divide us on the basis of language will curse the day they born coz v true pakistani vill hit them hard and they will count there deaths.. My paki brothers n sisters dont get panic and b united. the open and hidden enemy including traitors will taste the defeat.INSHA ALLAH. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.AMEEN. Farhan frm Hyderabad,sindh,pakistan….

  15. Naseer Ahmad said:

    I want to add my comment here as one person his name is Meer Naseer :
    Taht is tru we are all muslim but we never wwant to los or mixup our identity with Punjabi
    Pashtoon and baloch and sindhi they have history they have currage they have fith but punjabi they are not muslim they are not human beeing and the name of pakistan came from punnjab we dont want any country by the name of Pakistan

  16. Mesum said:

    If we don't love pakistan, if we don't support Pakistan, we cannot live on this earth..bcz Pakistan is the land of National Heros and she has given us a lot of things. She is oue Identity. But if some ppl want to make a separate state…they are the biggest enemies of Pakistan…if they don't get rights they can blame on government not on Pakistan. Our current presedent belong to Sindh, wht has he done good for our beloved country, nothing.. Sindhi should blame on Asif Zardari not On PAKISTAN…OKZ

    • Gorgien Baloch said:

      Dear Mesum,
      Can you tell me who are the heroes of Pakistan.They have surrendered in 1971 about 93,000 so called musalman Armies in Bangladesh.They punjabis were raped 200,000 their musalmans(Muslims)sisters in East Pakistan(Bangladesh).First they do blinder then flunder and then surrendered.These are your Real Heroes(Bullshit Pornistanis Kafirs Punjabis).

    • samander Khan said:

      Yes, Pakistan has given lot of things to Panjab.No doubt. Blind expliotion of Panjab to Sindhis, Balochs,Pashtuns,Gilgit-baltastanis brought in par the Panjabis with Europen countries. You have sined with Sindh, butchered Balochs, bombarded Pashtuns in KP and in Afghanistan. Bombs and Bombs from Panjab. Please Panjabi brothers!!!Quit from Sindh, Pashtunistan,Gilgit and Balochistan.

  17. khurram said:

    i have should have my own country too. where i am the president/primeminister of myself.

  18. sindhi said:

    beware of punjabis posting comments as sindhis!
    18 blasts in one day is a small silly news???
    open ur eyes u fools!

  19. sindhi said:

    @fareeha binte iqbal! how many heads u will cut?
    u have not learnt anything from balochistan?

  20. Hosh Muhammad said:

    the usual expected comments from brainwashed pakis and sell out "Sindhis"…punjabistan, oh pakistan, is signatory of United Nations, which says every nation has right to self-determination; the Sindhi nation will be free one day and no one can stop it; don't think that because you have ruled for 65 years that this means anything to us; many have come to Sindh to rule but now u can see them in Makli graveyard; stilll we have nothing against other nations of Paleetistan; but we believe all people of the world are equal and we will fight for our God given rights! Marvaisoo par Sindh na daesoo!

  21. Arbab Khan said:

    this is not hidden from all Pakistanis that we the Pushtun have been used for Napak Pakistanis desires. we always have been kept backward and taught as Islamic extremist to the world. an uneducated person reacts what when you push him in grave of extremism and terrorism on the basis of Islam? i also request all my brothers to struggle like Baloch and get rid of this Pokistani regime. if you are free then you can do your own. we can teach our society the tru picture of Islam. we can implement total islamic system in our country. these Jihadi Mollas are not the true leader of Islam. get rid of them first. a long fighting for Islam motivated by Panjabis generals and ISI dogs have not fruitfulness. Lets do something for our future generation. struggle for freedom…. Long Live Free Pashtonistan, Long Live Free Balochistan and long live Free Sindh… Down with Pakistan, Down with ISI…… open your heart and decide

  22. Judgal said:

    The new demographic change is solution of all the nation who tied with Pakistan but when Bangaless become to know that the Muslim brother hood become Al Badar & Shams then they knows that,,,it was only a falls dream to have dignity staying together with Pakistani..
    They become free and day by day they are being much advance and develop country then Pakistan,,Today Baloch nation walking towards their Freedom and soon they achieve their goal but what about Sindhi and pashton,,Where are the Sindhi and Pashtoon leaders,,Pashtoons leaders seal their nation only gating a new name of their province is this what Pashtoons was looking for what a wonderful joke if it is the success of their struggle,,,why don't they speak clearly to their nation that Taliban were imposed them their Mother Land become safe haven of terrorist from all over the world,,,this is what they want to be Pakhtoons identity in civilize world,,,,All i can can say that Pakhtoon leaders don't have vision of leadership,,No more Bacha Khan and Khan Gahfar Khan Sardhi Ghandi born again,,,,,I feel sorry for them when they pass a resolution that US interfering in Paskitan when they spoke agents Genocide in Balochistan,,,

  23. Janjua said:

    how is it wonderful news you idiots. MORE WAR= MORE DEATH. This Isnt what the poverty stricken sindhis should be after. If sindh and baluchistan do seperate. Be prepared for hundreds of years of civil war and no development. Shame on all those who support this.

  24. Shaheed said:

    if being a Muslim to be one then why don't you marge your country with Iran Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, or why Khalafat usmania brake into various countries and why Saudi Arabia not rules all other Gulf countries?
    and if anybody using the name of Islam "salamathi" and treat his own people like slaves then the results are in front of you like Bangaladesh, nigher Sindhi, Pushtu nor Punjabi and Baloch have any contribution of making Pakistan but Bengali are the one who fought with Hindus as u called them. and nothing happen for Pakistan even now new Muslim state emerge.

  25. sindhi inqalabi said:

    app bengal se haar gae balcohistan se haar rahe ho sindhi or pathano se bhi haar jaoge every one will be free long live sindhudesh

  26. Shakil said:

    you all die politically your own death!! divide and rule is old and not effective any more. Do we have more enmity and wars compared to Scotland and England? They love their own history, take pride being English and Scottish, at the same time they live and work in each others cities and towns with no grudge.
    Education and justice are the key for success, united we over come everything. India has over 36 states with all different cultures, languages. Pakistan here to stay forever united regardless what few wanna be future presidents of new countries may think!!

  27. Daniel choudhury said:

    stop associating Pakis with Punjabi–both the language, and the heritage. Punjabi has always been a standalone Indian language; it has no status in Pakistan. Just to remind you all, Punjabis (the GENUINE punjabis like me and my brethren) suffered the most because of the damn muslim separatists. i think it's HIGH time the Sindhis and Pasthuns get sovereignty.

  28. Nadir Ali Shah said:

    I request my Sindhi brothers to take books and pens to get education in order to make Pakistan a more dynamic country so that we may compete in every field. Well, i m also a sindhi nationalist who loves Islam n Pakistan to work for its prosperity therefore we must work for the progress of the country. I would request my disgruntled sindhi brothers to come back from this path for the welfare of state (Pakistan) which is in our interest to live with respect n dignity….

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