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People oppose radio tax

People in the twin cities have rejected the proposed radio tax, saying the government wants to put extra burden on them and hide its bad governance.
They said if this horrible tax was implemented, they would take to the streets. According to a survey conducted by Online, 80 out of 100 people strongly rejected the suggestion and asked as to why the government was putting burden on the common man.
They also stated that the government was responsible for devastating Radio Pakistan. They demanded the government make this organisation a profitable by removing the corrupt administration.
Liaquat Ali, Meran Bux, Javed Baloch, Ansar Sultan, Ilyas, Mukhtar Hussain, Haji Sultan and others stated that the government had earlier included PTV licence fee in electricity bills, and now the radio tax would not be acceptable. Some of them expressed their opinion that if the government was serious in saving the state institutions, it must save Pakistan Railways first.

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