PCT to highlight plight of BTech graduates


Pakistan Council of technologists (PCT) will hold a meeting with officials of Ministry of Science and Technology on February 29 to highlight the sufferings of BTech graduates due to undefined status of their degrees.
Thousands of BTech graduates in the country being deprived of access to higher studies, job opportunity in public departments and promotions have been demanding equivalence of BTech (Hons) to BSc/BE from the last many years.
It is the long-standing of technology graduates to set up a separate Pakistan Technology Council (PTC) which can register them, safeguard their benefits and control technology institutions.
Talking to APP, Chairman PCT Sheikh Javed Iqbal informed that the B.Tech graduates are struggling from the last 40 years for the recognition of their degree. “The council has wrote a number of letters to the ministry and finally we got time to convey our grievances”.
Javed Iqbal informed that the representative of PCT will provide briefing to the Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology in the upcoming meeting.
Over 10,000 BTech graduates complete their degrees from different institutes annually and start their struggle in the market for jobs and most of them have to move to the other countries for jobs.
Despite High Court and Supreme Court decisions in the favour of BTech graduates, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has refused to control, register and promote the technologists, he said.
Different public departments are also denying to recognize their degree, not giving them jobs and those who have been appointed already cannot promoted upto Grade 16, he said.
BTech graduates are attending classes in the Engineering universities where they are taught the syllabus of Engineering by Engineers but still their degree is not considered at par with B.E.
Similarly, these graduates participate in the tests and interviews against the advertised posts of Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) and excel but are rejected at the time of appointment, challenging the authenticity of their degree.
Javed Iqbal expressed the hope that the ministry will come up with some solution to resolve their persistent demand. BTech programme was formally launched in 1973 and the then Ministry of Education directed to give status of B.Tech (Hons) degree at par with BSc Engineering/B.E degree, according to the letter No. 15-29/73-Tech.
According to the letter no PEC/4-P/QEC, PEC stated that BTech degree will be considered equivalent to B.Sc/BE and the same decision was taken in 9th inter-provincial ministers conference at Quetta in 1986, 39th HEC meeting on 12-2-98, FPSC in its letter no F4-89/2002-R but now PEC is not ready to accept their status.
The technologists holding B.Tech qualification have filed several cases in courts and got 17 decisions in their favour, declaring their degree equivalent to B.Sc/BE but no decision could not be implemented so far.
The full bench of Supreme Court in Suo Motu Review Petition No. 52 of 1993 given its verdict on June 05, 1995 in favour of B.Tech (Hons) (PLD 1995 SC 701), thrashing out the role of PEC.
But, PEC in 2004-05 managed the amendments by adding new clauses and definition of professional engineering work and section 5A of Section 27 only to null and void the decision of full bench of Supreme Court thus to interfere in the service matters and blocking promotion channels of employees possessing B.Tech (Hons) degrees.


  1. DISCRIMINATORY POLICY OF EDUCATION in Pakistan for B.tech graduates.
    1- Discrimination in Enrolment Criteria in Universities
    2- Disparity in Equivalence of Degree
    3- Disparity in Registration
    4- Discrimination in jobs due to P.E.C influence

  2. I am living in canada &working in car manufacturing company.in canada there is no discrimination about Degree and diploma.our general manager qualification is DIPLOMA IN DIE MAKER AND Production manager is diploma in mechanical but in pakistan PEC is one of the cause of damaging our lovely country (PAKISTAN ).I requested the govt of pakistan to ask PEC to accept the B TCH (HONS) degree as per BE…I sure that if b tech degree holders will work in industries of pakistan as practical engineers the country economywill go up as european countries.

    • Mr. Khan i personaly want to talk to u to get some info about canada job n study.
      I also have done D.A.E Mechanical and Instrument Technology. But now totaly confused about to take decision for my future so please help me.. my mail address is [email protected]

  3. one thing that always impelled me to think that every teacher,Doctor and engineer which is teching to their studients are claim that his production will be the outstanding of the country. But thoes engineer which are teaching to B.TECH Engineering studients are not ready to claim that his production is able at least to say an engineer………………………..Whts you think?

  4. now i realize that PCT will register b,tech students soon,,,,inshallah 0314 9898007 b.tech chemical chemical

  5. there is a clear difference between 4years study and 7years study,(3year DAE)(4year B.tech),,,and B,tech is much more better than BSc engineering. in other countries except pakistan …..

  6. is it possible we try to fight with more power because these days our courts are working with zeal and efficiently so if we done long march type things now its batter for our upcoming b.tech engrs…..i hope we are ready and we are one

  7. it is open terrorisem in pakistan .a student studying same course from same teachers and in same universities ,and having more knowlege against of the bsc engineer so there is no any reasong for rejecting B.tech degree and i can say easily pec is showing his injustice with b.tech engineer

  8. I have no need to registered with PEC.
    I want to b registered with PTC inshallah, than we b.tech engineers will show to PEC who is the best engineer inshallah. khalil Malakand.

  9. B tech Engineer is better than BE Engineer. Btech Engineer enter their Practical Life During Study. But BE Engineer Complete Degree But They dont Know any thing in practical life.in pakistan only govt jobs are not for b tech.but private sector they are many jobs for B tech.Other countries also give Prefrence B tech………………..
    in KSA.UAE and many arab countries they are many jobs for B TECH…….
    so left PEC issue.and enjoy your life in Arab Countries.

  10. please some one help me….i have completed DAE electrical now i want to do b.tech from preston university islamabad.Is the b.tech degree of preston university is recognized by HEC AND SAUDI ENGINEERING COUNSIL…

  11. Yes TUFAIL bi the degree of preston is recognised by HEC……..I thnk Comwave is better then Preston, if u r doing job somwere then preston is better.

  12. Hello Guys i have done my B.tech (Hons). n i m doing job in IT industry last 3 years n i m batter position in karachi. i know i am equal to Bsc / B.E Engineers b/c i have Study with industrial Exposure. n my first cousin great position in his life Aim. he work in Oman n his brother in Dubai n they have B.tech (Hons) Degrees.

  13. Kiya pakistan technology council ke office bn gye ha aur registration ka kaam start kr leya ha keh nai

  14. We are not unite even PBAC ""Pakistan B.Tech Action Committee "" not exists on ground and only 1 0r 2 persons are communicating to each other and whole community is sleeping now. why we are not struggling to implement the decisions of VC UET minutes of meeting held in 2012. and PEC and their agent sitting in ( MOST, HEC ) are damaging to establishing NTC, it is not acceptable to B.Tech community that NTC will merged in PEC even it was not agreed in VC uet meeting but now our community is sleeping and no one raising voice against this situation.we are waiting to some thing happened than we will awake, are we human being or ——??? let move forward ====All pakistani B.tech associations stand up and do some thing other wise our opponents are working on their best interest,ie B.tech is inferior than BE,,,?? and they are going to implement it if we still on Beds.Riaz Feroze- B.Tech Engineer 00971 56 6397553

  15. PEC is also victim of corrupt beaurocratic red tapism and a helping hand in aggravating the monopolized autocracy in the filed of Engineering

  16. mr.riaz your are righat.we must have stand up from now to save our future.we must have to support our leader.

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