Women not allowed to cast votes in Mianwali constituency


Women were restricted to cast their votes in Mianwali constituency for by-elections on Saturday.
By-elections on six National Assembly (NA) seats and four seats of the provincial assemblies were held amid strict security measures to avoid any unpleasant incident.
According to details, some elders held a Jirga for banning women votes cast and decided that women would not be allowed to cast their votes in Mianwali constituency.
Meanwhile, some political workers displayed arms at different polling stations in Badin.
In NA-140 Kasur constituency, two groups exchanged fire that put a halt to polling process while Police and Rangers reached the spot to take control of the situation.
Fake voters were spotted in NA 195 Rahimyar Khan constituency where voting was done against fake or expired identity cards. The voters’ lists were allegedly changed in the constituency that sparked protest from the polling agents and voters. However, Assistant Election Commission Noor Leghari
insisted that voters’ lists were not changed.