SHC orders speedy trial


Ordering the trial court for quick proceedings, the Sindh High Court (SHC) directed on Friday the transfer of the murder case of a cameraman of a private television channel from the Additional Sessions Court to the Sessions Court Larkana, while the hearing of a torture case of another journalist was postponed.
The SHC single bench of Justice Mushir Alam heard the two identical filed by Hadi Sangi and his brother, seeking transfer of both the cases from the courts of Larkana to any court in Karachi.
The petitioners had submitted that the alleged accused, including former provincial minister Altaf Unar among others, are influential and threatening the complainants of dire consequences.
On Friday, the counsel on behalf of Sangi brothers, Barrister Zamir Ghumro, argued before the court that despite the passage of six years, the cases could not be properly proceeded due to the influence of the alleged accused.
It is worth mentioning that journalist Munir Sangi, a cameraman of Kawish Television Network, was murdered in 2005. The suspects, including Unar and superintendent of police Abdul Kareem Khoso have not bothered to appear before the district trial courts or the high court.
The petitioner, an uncle of the deceased, had prayed the court to immediately transfer the case from Larkana as the influential accused could harm his life or his family members.