Pak can produce 60,000 MW of electricity through coal, says Latif Khosa


Pakistan can produce 60,000 MW of electricity through coal in order to meet the demand for the next 100 years. These comments were given by Governor Punjab Latif Khosa during a meeting with the delegation of Save Water Save Pakistan Forum headed by Engr Bashir A Malik, Former Chief Technical Advisor of UNO and World Bank at the Governor House, Lahore. Governor appreciated the efforts of Engr Bashir A Malik as Chairman of the Forum to resolve water and energy crisis in Pakistan and the way out. He also assured the delegation that the government will take all possible measures to combat water and energy crisis. Earlier, Engr Bashir A Malik presented his proposal to solve water and energy crisis in Pakistan. He informed 70 per cent electricity is produced in all countries of the world from hydropower which is the cheapest source of generation and 30 per cent from other sources. Whereas, in Pakistan it is the other way round, less than 30 per cent is produced from hydropower and more than 70 per cent from other resources. He also apprised the governor that if the 5-Dam Plan of the government is not implemented by 2016, including Kalabagh dam, then Pakistani people will have to face severe food, water and energy shortage by 2025, when the population will be increased to more than 2200 millions. Even if Pakistan is able to build 200 small dams, they would still not be equal to the production of one large Kalabagh dam, he added. Bashir Malik reiterated Save Water Save Pakistan Forum would continue to highlight the importance of resolving water and energy crisis among the public and government authorities. Other members of the delegation including Agricultural Scientist Dr Muhammad Sadiq, Former Chairman IRSA, Engr Shafqat Masood, Former Managing Director, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Foundation Engr Mansoor Ahmed, President TECH Society Engr Abdul Majeed Khan and President TECH Club Zubair Sheikh also talked on the topics of alternate energy resources, impact of water and energy shortage on agriculture and political compromises by Pakistani leadership for building water reservoirs and dams. Engr Bashir A Malik presented his recently published book titled, “Save Water Save Pakistan” to Sardar Latif Khosa, at the end of his presentation.


  1. Mr Latif Khosa is and Lawyer by profession How would he know coal in That can generate 60,000 maga watts .

  2. One of the good news today was that Iran has started giving 70 megawatt power to Makran, enabling the entire division including Gawadar seaport load-shedding free. By producing 60000 mega watt via coal, a bharak by governor Latif Khosa, whom is he making fool of, himself or 180million hapless people. Chal chootha!

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