Interior ministry wants red warrants for Musharraf’s arrest


Interior ministry Saturday written to DG FIA to contact Interpol for issuing red warrants of Musharraf, sources said.
According to sources, the interior ministry has written to Director General (DG) of FIA regarding contacting Interpol for issuing red warrants of former President Pervez Musharraf, for his trail in Benazir Bhutto murder case.
The DG-FIA has been directed to complete all legal formalities regarding ensuring issuance of red alert warrants for Pervez Musharraf within three days.
Sources have also informed that Rehman Malik had also specifically stressed on officials to keep him (Rehman Malik) updated about the issue on daily basis.
Former President Musharraf has been declared as a proclaimed offender, and government has been directed to take adequate steps to ensure Musharraf’s return back home for his trail in Benazir murder case


  1. When an arrest warrant is made for Zardari or Altaf Hussain then this country will actually care – arresting Musharraf won’t solve anything.

  2. Some people are of the opinion that Rehman Malik is also a suspect in the Bibi's murder why does the FIA, CIA, Superem Court and other military intellegence agencies ask for his prob as the ex home minister of Sind Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza is on record saying that Rehman Malik is responsible for so many problems in Pakistan.

  3. This government has made so many somersaults in the past and the most recent one regarding categorical statement of Rehman Malik about the grant of amnesty to Baloch leaders. Many a times the PM has promised one thing the president has overruled it. So, I will not be surprised if Red Warrant may just be red herring.

  4. In addition to Parvez Musharraf, all Generals retired & serving who have taken part in politics should be tried for treason and hanged. In order to take a start, Chief Justice should summon Kayani for meddling in politics and brokering NRO when he was DG ISI. The tragedy is that despite all his claims, Chief Justice is neither interested in justice nor has the courage to summon Kayani.

    • How posterity is going to judge Musharraf is any bodys guess but one thing is a fact he opened up the media so that people like you and the likeminded could exercise the right of freedom of speech however unpalatable it might be. How about politicians who played their part in destroying half of the country and er still kicking around.? Are you being subjective or objective.? The gut reaction is always wrong and counter productive as perhaps my comment who has seen it all as a young man .

  5. Pakistani nation is a bunch of confused,bewildered individuals. Very few in that nation speak rationally . Unfortunately the up bringing and growth of these individuals has lot to do with this. Unless the masses are educated and relieved of fundamentalist mullahs ;
    There seems very little hope for a change . At least Musharaf allowed media to expand and gave most of these individuals,their voices,which were crippled and paralyzed during previous military rules.

    • What a wonderful observation! But i beg to differ. Intelligence and education have nothing to do with each other. How does one define education? How does one define intelligence? I have had patients who have had minimal education but have been extermely intelligent and taught me more about life than so called highly educated riding their stallions. The problem i fear is that pakistanis live in denial, it is less painful.Conformity is painless and rewarding be it be the Army or the ruling elite. I guess it is easier for me to speak since i don,t live in Pakistan but some of the comments made by Mr S.Mallik and like minded would tantamount to incitement to murder and lead to prosecution. The libertian theory allows catharsis but also entails responsibility!.

  6. if musharf not punished in case of treason and murdering of innocent student and teachers and in Bugti murders case then people do the same as people of libya did with a dictator qaddafi .. people oF Pakistan do the same with all corrupt ruler, and all military and civil buracrate .insha allah

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