Google chief Eric Schmidt selling $1.5billion in shares ‘to fund a divorce’


Google executive chairman Eric Schmidtt is said to be heading for a divorce costing up to $1.5billion – the second most expensive in history. The Google executive chairman is planning to sell 2.4million of his shares in the company to help pay for his split with wife Wendy, the mother of his two children, as he continues a year and half long liaison with Manhattan beauty Lisa Shields. But he needs the extra cash to pay for it. If it all goes to his wife it would mean Schmidt, the 136th richest man in the world, would be giving away a quarter of his $6.2billion fortune to Wendy, to whom he has been married for 13 years. During that time, Schmidt has overseen Google as it has become one of the biggest companies on Earth with annual profits of $9.7billion. Filings last week showed that the 56-year-old intends to diversify his investments by selling the Google stocks. If the divorce goes through then Schmidt’s property empire would be among the assets up for division. Schmidt stepped down as chief executive and chairman after ten years in the role last April and was given a $100million parting gift.