White Lies


We have heard of spring cleaning but recently somebody actually exorcised his office. Word has it that when journalists went to meet the newly appointed Deputy Attorney General Syed Abdul Hye Gillani at his office in Lahore they were greeted with an interesting sight. All the office furniture and equipment was lying outside, looking rather discarded.

On query they were told by black coats hanging around the premises that Gillani was trying to get rid of Babar Awan’s nahoosat (evil spirit). Gillani of course denies having made any such statement but as his black coat admirers later said, “Well, if he did not say so, we do.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The similarity between the statements made by one Atiq who claims to be the discarded husband of Meera, a Lollywood star, (not to be taken lightly because she has put in a stint in Bollywood) is uncanny. First, the backdrop to the story: Atiq claims that Mira and he are married but she refuses to acknowledge this “fact”. Meera denies it and is now engaged to a young pilot who is a US citizen. Now Atiq, who is already in court pressing his prior matrimonial claim to the star, is saying exactly what leaders of PML(N) and PPP are trumpeting about their former colleagues from every available forum. He says she is a mercenary, a lota who switches loyalties for personal gain He adds that she is a floor crosser who is available to the highest bidder. She should, therefore, be punished by the judiciary. Well, that may be so but if Meera’s qualifications are anything to go by we have a perfect parliamentarian in the making.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spring is in the air but the summer “printed lawn war” is already raging in the big cities. The placards and billboards advertising the various brands are proliferating. Bollywood is here again to sell our wares. Last year it was Sushmita Sen now it is Krishma Kapoor that flaunts one branded lawn. However, the twin leaders in the lawn war who over-reached themselves with a second series late last summer, have given the finishing touches to their new sales strategy. We hear that they will create hype by sending “buyers” to their stockists the day their lawn collection is unveiled in the market. To add to the buying frenzy they have hired models to wear their prints and pose as buyers. Now if that does not create a lawn rush, they have other tricks up their sleeve. We wait and see.

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