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Pakistan condemns Holy Quran burning incident

Pakistan on Friday strongly condemned the desecration of Holy Quran at a US airbase in Afghanistan.
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abdul Basit said, it was important that “utterly irresponsible and reprehensible things do not recur”.
“On behalf of the government and the people of Pakistan, we condemn in strongest possible terms the desecration of Holy Quran in Afghanistan,” foreign ministry spokesman Abdul Basit told a press briefing here.
“It is absolutely important that such utterly irresponsible and reprehensible things do not recur,” he added.
US President Barack Obama had to apologize to the Afghan nation for the incident, which the Afghan presidency blamed on a US officer at the main US-run airbase of Bagram in Afghanistan.
14 Afghans and at least 2 US soldiers have succumbed to the violent demonstrations for going on for days in Afghanistan.

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  1. Alisha Lindson said:

    If Americans have burnt the Quran, Afghanis could have reacted nonviolently, peacefully…. Americans burnt the Quran out of ignorance…They had no intention to do it…secondly it is very common in Islamic World to ruin and vanish Infidels work…don't forget BAMIYAAN BUDDHA…. When Quran was burnt Afghanis protested violently, killing their own people…But if Bible or Manusmriti (Hindu text) will be ruined not a single Christian (even the most devoted) or Hindu (even Hardliner) will cry violently. Why such a difference between Islam Followers and Christ or Hindu followers? Bible was burnt by Protestants 300 years ago to object the influence of clergies…Manusmriti and Purans were burnt very recently by Babasaheb Ambedkar for destabilizing authority of high caste Manuvadis against Dalits. So also Christianity and Hinduism evolved thoroughly after these burnings…but exactly opposite, Muslims are becoming more and more intolerant and violent…so what lesson should we learn…instead of following any text blindly we have to try the practicability, credibility and flexibility of those texts…those who don't change time will change them forever…time will vanish them away….

  2. Muhammad younus Butt said:

    This is not first time that such unpleasant incidents had happened,but these non-muslims get advantage of our weakness and those actions and activities arose in the muslim countries.If we are strong economically and do not depend on others,no body dares to do that un-social,unhuman and undemocratic activities.We have to improve ourselves so that not such untowards happenings occur again.Only by being unitedly we can face.Muslims kill muslims and create wrong reactions make them encouraged to do these bloody things.Our religion Islam is a peaceful and social and anti-extremism religion.As Islam is a peaceloving and tells regard,respect and honor for others.But unluckily some wrong elements have made entries in our lines and they are misusing our religion.We condemn this act and we respectfully all the God-sent Books without any enterpretation and without any cause,If we were united what about america its other partners cannot harm us.But what to do some agents of Devil have got place in ourselves and getting wrong meanings and wrong benefits due to this attitude.In relitiation we cannot harm our minorities and respect them with full hearts.Anyhow this Jews and Hanood groups are getting wrongs objects.These are the companion of Shaitan.

  3. Raymond Tulsi said:

    I condemn burning of Quran. Muslims must show tolerance and if they want to protest they should protest peacefully without violence. It happens in many religions that the reformers burn the religious texts, but eventually those religions have evolved brilliantly through that terrible phase…may be these incidents are the begining of evolution in Islam…

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