Iran’s Nuclear Installations


Tel Aviv and Washington have agreed in principle to teach a befitting lesson to Iran by attacking its nuclear installations. However, Israel is not willing to spare Iran further and favored harsh air-strikes along with troops’ deployment, no matter what would be its cost for Israeli population.
Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak has warned US administration of a full-fledge nuclear, drastic explosion by Iran’s scientists within five months, “If world fails to take a serious step against this development,” says a Tel Aviv paper.
At all world forums during past ten years, Iran’s government showed strong nerves and persistently declined any such nuclear preparation underway. Iran’s nuclear developments although have come up to be a favorite topic of propaganda and a sweet dish by leading media channels, as well as key policy makers in western corridors of power. A symbol of terror for his enemies, and deeply loved by his people, Ayatullah Ali Khameneie, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, addressed Friday congregation in Tehran and categorically conveyed the message of a forceful rebuttal, if Iran was targeted by foreign invaders.
It needs no proof that the Irani masses from various political shades have had many strong differences among themselves but are, and would remain united to defend their dear homeland by their precious blood.
This unity they have shown in throwing away the Shah of Iran. The USA as well as her western allies should not have forgotten the lesson from previous conflict of US hostages with Iran in the near past. They say Americans don’t have a good memory about past.
Three years back “Voice of America” probably had, in the year 2009, relayed an exclusive interview of the then CIA director Leon Panetta. During that interview, he predicted Iran, would decisively change itself into a nuclear power during 2010—2015. However, he was smart enough to fairly conclude that “Iran has not made a decision in this regard.” A number of America-based independent research institutes had also predicted in the year 2007 that Iran could be capable of nuclear development but no concrete step had been taken by then.
Contrary to the opinion of America loving strategists and policy makers, restless Israeli leadership is bent upon launching a decisive and far reaching attack on Iran’s installations. Some analysts categorically claim that “a nuclear Iran is not a threat to anyone but Israel’s existence would be at stake.” It is the leadership of Iran that openly declares that Israel has no right to exist and only Palestine has a right to exist on this land.
Leading Asian and Arab think tanks are keenly analysing stringent and pungent statements from Israeli Government. A recent article published in New York Times by Jewish journalist Runan Burgh has proclaimed that Israel wouldn’t wait further for attacking Iran’s installation. Iran has acquired the potential to enrich Uranium up to 20 percent is still to be verified while to use it in nuclear weapons, 90 percent enriched Uranium is needed.
Exhausted with its blood-draining in Afghanistan and Iraq, apparently it seems that Barak Obama administration is against attacking Iran at the moment; but administration seriously intends international restrictions against Iran, because an oil rich Gulf country cannot be their favorite child. How to deal with population exceeding millions and not ready to endorse any foreign intervention is a billion dollar question both for democrats and republicans.
CIA Director David Petrias informed a congress committee that an enrichment of Uranium up to 90% would be an absolute indication of the preparation of nuclear arsenals by Tehran government. There is a possibility of underground shifting of missiles and critical nuclear instruments because saving its territory and installations is her birth right and no one can snatch it.


  1. Iran faces a delicate issue. On the one hand it wants to show the world all it’s got and put it at ease, while on the other hand it fears that such show 'n tell will give its enemies a roadmap to bomb it.
    Saddam Hussein faced a similar dilemma ten years ago. Though he wanted the world to know he had nothing to hide, he also wanted to bluff his archenemy Iran into believing Iraq still had WMD.
    Bluffing did not go well for Saddam, and it might not go well for Ahmadinejad.
    But since the price tag for ridding Saddam proved high, maybe we ought to reflect what we are asking of Iran now. On the eve of a threatened attack, we are asking it to take us to the depths of its arsenal and show us all it's got.
    Such great expectations are a sign we have been talking to our friends too long and are in need of a broader perspective. Exactly when was the last time we asked Pakistan, India, China or Russia to show us their arsenal?
    “But those countries are not advocating the destruction of Israel.”
    True, but Israel is not a thorn on their side either.
    Surely, however, we can see beyond the hyperboles and figure out their underlying purpose. Or have we forgotten that not all Iranians are thrilled with Ahmadinejad?
    He sure hasn’t forgotten.
    Nor has he forgotten that that his countrymen hate Israel even more. So he tells them that Israel will be wiped from the face of the earth. Expectantly, this nonsense unites them against a common enemy. It is even a diversion from the misery and isolation brought on by his theocratic regime.
    Quite clever work by Ahmadinejad — and not a rial spent or a bullet fired.
    So why are we letting the crazy talk about destroying Israel get us all worked-up — to the point of turning the world topsy-turvy again.
    Can we not see the desperate attempts of an unpopular regime simply trying to hold on?

  2. Of course it is a billion dollar question but US troops had gone back from Iraq and in dialogue process with Mullah Omar the Taliban leader so it may have intentions to attack Iran via Israel because only that option had left to US to learn a lesson to a country which is a constant threat to Israel the dearest to US regime.
    Like Saddam Ahmadinejad seems quite determined to resist against US roars but in which way it will end it is not quite difficult to predict after reading above article.Iran is at an arms distance to complete the nuclear program a thorn in the eyes of west and sign of life for Iranians.

  3. israel came into existence after occupying the land of palestinians. Iran is the only country in the world which has raised voice in favour of oppressed of the world.Sanctions against iran is an effort to weaken a strong sound. I support and appreciate M Ayub Munir s point of extending every possible help to iran and iran s government.

  4. iran didnt initiate first world war.iran didnt initiate second world warWhy attack on iran?. M ayub Munir is very much justified in defending iran s government.Let s discuss sanctions against those who killed i.i million people in iraq,those who changed gaza and west bank into rubbles and those who deny plebescite in the ocupied valley of jammu and kashmirb.

  5. iran is supporting palistine from first day.being a muslim they know their enemy.
    hezb u llah defeated israil in past which is a small group of lubnan.
    ali khaminai said that"we can destroy israil in 9 minutes".
    one day bait ul muqadas will be free inshallah…………..

    but all muslim states should strong steps like iran.

  6. Nice Article ! May Allah inspire us from our BROTHERS ? May Allah direct OUR PAKISTAN to True way of ISLAM ? And May we will be able to stand by for Our Nation's Sovereignty ? Like Our Brothers, "The Iranians" doing Now ? Aameen !

  7. I thnk that iran is the only muslim state whoes showing eyes to euorpean powers so pakistan infact all muslim countries should b standing beside iran to help him totally agreeing with M AYUB MUNIR!!!!!!!!1

  8. All the muslim countries should have unity bcz its the only way to fight the enemies of islam. i pray to Allah that may we be guided towards the right path!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMEEN

  9. Mr. Ayoub Munir
    I am so sorry to say that attack on Iran is not an easy thing, I'm not agree with you.

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