Imran says can negotiate with Taliban if asked


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has said he can negotiate with the Taliban to end the “so-called war on terrorism” if he is given the mandate to do so.
“I can talk to them if the government and parties concerned sanction this and ask me to get involved. I am ready to talk to them in the best interest of the country because this war is burying Pakistan,” Khan told to Gulf News.
Reacting to a question about the Taliban’s move to open an office in Qatar, Khan said there was no harm in it as it was the first positive step towards holding talks with them.
“I told the world some eight years ago that there was no military solution to this problem as the only way out is to hold talks and settle it politically but at that time they called me ‘Taliban Khan’ but now they all agree with me as they could not win this so-called war on terrorism,” he said.
The PTI chief said it was important for Pakistan to get out of the US war on terrorism because the country had already suffered losses to the tune of $50 billion during the last 10 years leading to economic crisis, poverty and instability. “The sooner we get out of this war, the quicker Pakistan will get back on its feet,” he added. He said he could find a solution by talking to them because he knew the area and the people.
Khan strongly condemned the tabling of a bill earlier this month in the US House of Representatives calling upon Pakistan to recognise the right to self-determination for Balochistan.


  1. he not talkin oni baluchistan.. clearly means his source of funds are same as the source of funds for baloch unrest..!!! sachhayee ziada dair chuppi nahi rehti .. woh aleda baat hai ke most ppl will not give heed..!!

  2. It should also be discussed in these forums how people, who were once part of outfits supporting violence and now have left them looking to come back in to the mainstream society.

  3. Well done Taliban Khan! You can do it because Taliban are remote controlled and you usually go to the master/s who posses the remote control of the ideological wolves… Now the point is whether strategic depth is a mirage or still a reality on the minds of the deep state maestros or they are confused at best that in the post-9/11 what they want in Afghanistan is nothing…ambiguous at best and at worst both….therefore, the only option is to move ahead with out having a pinch of realisation that they are drifting the country into a quagmire deeper and deeper…. because if Taliban win s in Afghan…which is nothing but a perfect utopia…then Pakistan will be the first victim…and if Taliban fails ( which means many things from their out right failure to being enticed into the Afghan state structure and with time become non-Taliban Pashtuns in fact Afghans) then Pakistan fear of being the victim of secular Pashtun nationalism…which so far has been ambiguous…but seems to take new impetus and new dynamics particularly in the context of the reality of Afghanistan establishing itself a modern nation state…then Pakistan precarious identity will be exposed to some thing close to existential danger. To that will add the Indian influence which is Pakistan real night mare.And if none of the two happens then Afghan will burn and this time it will take Pakistan completely in its fold.

  4. This is great work and all litrate muslims of the world think so that Imran sahin will be do definately because he has great love for taliban and Afgans and pastoons and taliban loves him too and Imran is hardworker and honest and insha Allah he will be get success,Allah hu Akbar.

  5. Baluchistan leader also said that he is the politician with least trust deficit. SO people trust him because he was never a player of this. He is brave man. His ambition cannot be matched.

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