Harbiyar Marri rejects Rehman Malik’s offer to retract cases


Balochistan’s nationalist leader on Friday spurned the government offer to retract the cases against him, as he witnessed situation going from bad to worse in the province.
Talking to a private TV channel, Harbiyar Marri said that he rejected Rehman Malik’s offer to withdraw cases against him, adding that he did not need permission to go back to Balochistan.
He said that Interior Minister Rehman Malik was not sincere and had no concern about the sufferings of Baloch people as he deployed frontier corps (FC) personnel in the province for killing them. Marri said on the direction of Rehman Malik tortured and mutilated bodies of Baloch people were being recovered in various areas.
Denying meeting with Rehman Malik in the past as the interior minister claimed, Harbiyar Marri said that he would never meet killer of innocent Baloch nation.
“Pakistan is calling me a traitor of the country but I am thinking and well-wisher for Baloch nation who are being deprived from their rights”, Marri said.
He said that first the government remained silent over Balochistan and ignored fundamental rights of the people but now that international community has started raising its voice, the government focused its
attention toward the issue.
He said the Baloch people did not receive any benefit thus far, adding their identity wass being defiled under a conspiracy. Marri noted the government has taken Balochis as its slaves.


  1. Serious issue for Sardars who are losing grip in changed world and are taking cover behind the mantra of human rights. What about atrocities on Pashtoons and settlers constituting more than 50% of population in Baluchistan. Punjab bashing and the stupid policy of appeasing and taking blame for all wrongs in the country by some Punjabi politicians & anchors will only complicate the things.

  2. A humble request from all Punjabis, Sindhi & Pathans to Harbiyar Marri.
    We all with you, fighting for rights of our Baloch brothers and sisters, but please don’t think for separation from Pakistan.
    We will protest for your rights in each street of Pakistan but please don’t talk about separation of Balochistan. I am Saraiki, we are much deprived than Baloch but we never think about Separate Country of Saraikistan.

    • What a nice and a sensible statement!!
      Very level headed.

      You may not know Baluch Sardars trace their ancestry to Chaldean King Nimrod.
      There are a few references to that and can be provided if requested.

      However, you do not need to plead with them. You are a man with a lot of self respect that a lot of our politicians do not have.

      The most important thins is to improve the plight of the people of Pakistan Baluchis, Punjabis, Pathans, Sindhis and other smaller nations like Hazara people who all make the Pakistani Nation.

      Provider better health and education facilities and providing security to the people is foremost.

      This can be done by securing conviction of individuals accused of crimes through the judicial system and make them pay for the crimes they have committed.

      24th Feb. 2012
      1625 hours

  3. Ali bhai, u know agr hum main se kio bhe alahda ho tu International hunters like US, Russia or Chaina, hamin burbad kr dain ga, Baloch bhaion ke ya azadi aik mustakil ghulami main chang ho jay g. Ager aj hum se baloch alada ho gya Khuda ke kasam na baloch rahin ga na Punjabi na sindhe na pathan pher se Sub continet of INdia buna ga. R u people agree with this.? ager Pakistan ka matlab yahe ha tu isa bunaya q tha ap k hamrar or Sub continent k Buzrg Muslamano ne

  4. i agree with zeeshan. separation is not a solution. you can get wt u want by protesting against the system. army & sardars are responsible for the current mess. sardars in boluchistan & waderas in sindh didnt benefit the people although they were in all the govts & getting money & privliges. look at them they r foreign qualified, stylish & having huge properties, y the common balochi is nt like them.they keep them slaves & rule them. army action should b stopped. the lands in punjab r i think finished so army reverted towards balochistan.

  5. Bring two culprits back from London and put in them in the dock. One who sent late Nawab Akbar Bugti to his death and the other his Cartoon friend who through his idiotic mumbling causes deaths everyday in Karachi.

  6. Strategically speaking all of our provinces are dependent on each other in one way or another. Seperating even one of it will make all of the provinces to be dependent on external forces. Is liyai tho khathain hain itifaq mai barkat hai.. Peace

  7. yes i also agree with zeeshan…plz bloch brothers ye time aik hone ka ha na k allag hon,international hunters relay want this whts its going on in pak,our pak becomes pakistan with you bloch brothers we love u all and r with u alyaws

  8. the separation of Bolochistan is the fundumental rights of balochs, they will never reach to thier right unless to be seperated from fake state pakistan, i also requests pathans & sariykeys to struggle for thier rights and show your real identity to the world.
    Zinda Abad Struggler Balochs i belive soon you will reach to the freedom which is your fundamental rights.


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