Trader gunned down in Quetta


Trader Zohib Bhora, belonging to the famous business Bhora family of Quetta, was killed in broad day light on Tuesday while resisting his kidnapping.
According to police, Zohib, owner of Meelak Hall, was on his way to his office when some armed men, in a SUV, intercepted him near the post office at Mission Road. Three armed men came out of the vehicle and tried to force Zohib to sit in the car. The businessman resisted on which the assailants shot him, killing him on the spot, and fled. Zohab was son of Haji Sadiq Bhora, who was kidnapped a decade ago, and after remaining captive for two years, was released after payment of ransom. Zohib’s killing sent shock waves in the city and business community.
Separately, three people, including two women were killed in Pishin and Bolan in firing incidents. Police said that Muhammad Afzal killed his wife and mother-in-law in Pishin, and fled. According to police, the incident was result of a domestic dispute.
Also on Tuesday, two labourers died of suffocation and another fell unconscious after their room was filled with smoke in Zhob. According to details, Tawos Badini along with his two roommates, who were working at a private construction company, fell asleep without switching off the generator at Mir Alikhel Road. Resultantly, the generator developed some fault and the room was filled with smoke. Two people, including Tawos, were suffocated to death while another man Nazeebullah fell unconscious and shifted to Quetta.